Clusit supports ACN for the national cybersecurity strategy

Clusit supporta ACN per la strategia nazionale di cybersecurity thumbnail

ClusitThe Italian Association for Information Security, fully supports the “National cybersecurity strategy” and the “Implementation plan” published by the National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN). After examining the text, he thinks it is the right way to protect our country on an IT level.

Clusit supports ACN for the National Cybersecurity Strategy

For over 20 years (July 4, 2020) Clusit has been promoting and raising awareness of IT security. And after examining the contents of the “Implementation plan” and of National cybersecurity strategya, he thinks it is his duty to support Government and National Cybersecurity Agency. Especially in defining a legal framework national updated and consistent. But also in areas such as the trainingthe promotion of the culture of cyber security and the definition of metrics e KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

In this way, Clusit thinks it can help in implementing this Cybersecurity strategy. Which our country really needs.

In particular, the Clusit stressed the importance of some points. Like measure # 11, which aims to “favor the application of”National Framework for Cybersecurity and Data Protection “and” Essential Cybersecurity Controls “.

But also the “Making a”cybersecurity national park“That hosts the infrastructures necessary for carrying out research and development activities”, as required by Measure # 49, or the desire to enhance training courses, also by investing in teacher training, as required by measure # 59.

Measure # 64 supports the possibility of “incentives for the development of startups operating in the cybersecurity sector and public-private partnerships with cybersecurity companies in female management“. But Clusit also expressed explicit support for measures # 71 and # 72, which speak of training and education. Not only in schools, but in a widespread way in the area.

Attention to disclosure therefore remains focal. In an increasingly digital world, the cybersicurezza plays a central role. And Clusit and ACN seem to know this well.

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