Coca Cola Copa Challenge: the competition on Football Manager

Coca Cola Copa Challenge: la competizione tra influencer su Football Manager thumbnail

It’s called the Coca Cola Copa Challenge: it pits several influencers “against each other” in the hugely popular football management simulation game Football Manager.

PG Sports, a leader in competitive gaming at a national level, e Gfinity, leaders in the world of esports, collaborate together for the Italian edition of Coca Cola Challenge Cup. The new tournament will see several influencers compete against each other in the hugely popular football management simulation game Football Manager. Furthermore, through the official website, users will be able to vote from week to week, putting talent in difficulty, placing limitations on the composition of their choices.

The tournament, lasting one month, will take place throughout the month of October and will end Saturday 23. The competition will be fully broadcast in live streaming on official Twitch channels of PG Sports e Beyond PG, offering all fans the opportunity to follow what promises to be one of the prominent events of the local esports scene. The live broadcasts will be divided between the shows dedicated to the draft of the teams and those of the matches, where the players will show what they are made of in breathtaking challenges. The tournament has been designed to be interactive, with viewers having the ability to directly influence the event by voting on the weekly challenges for players, thus allowing talent to choose their teammates.

The competition will have the structure of a championship, all matches will be decided by the sum of the total score given by the home and away matches, in which each team will always play at home for one match. If the score is still tied after the two matches, the winner will be decided based on the away goals. Points are awarded to the first (3 points), second (2 points) and third and fourth (1 point). The coaches who accumulate the most during the 4 weeks of the tournament will be crowned winners of the Coca Cola Challenge Cup.

Although exports are constantly growing on a global level and able to attract more and more famous sponsors, it remains a sector that does not forget its identity as a grassroot movement, the son of the transport of gamers and their desire to get involved, in all senses. Precisely with this spirit, gamers and talents are increasingly committed to supporting competitions such as Coca-Cola Challenge Cup, true lifeblood of a young and forward-looking movement.

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