Telegram reaches one billion downloads on Android

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After the recent downturns of WhatsApp, the messaging app Telegram has reached a huge milestone: beyond one billion downloads on Android. Thanks to the work of the platform co-founded by Pavel Durov and its many features, especially for the most privacy conscious. But also for the recent blackout of Facebook services, including WhatsApp: between 4 and 5 October, Telegram has earned over 70 million installmentsi (including the Apple App Store).

Telegram reaches one billion downloads on Android

Founded in 2013, Telegram has been used by a large number of people for years, especially the most privacy-conscious. But not only. Always the Russian messaging platform implement a ton of features in advance compared to competitors. From animated GIFs to voice rooms for groups recently, each update brings features that tech enthusiasts love.

But in the last year the app has had a lot more following thanks to some WhatsApp missteps. Like not having properly explained the change in privacy policy, which at the beginning of this year led many users to switch to Telegram’s blue. So much so that this summer the application reached one billion global downloads, between the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. But today it celebrates the one billion mark in Android alone, a huge growth in just two months.

Pavel durov, co-founder, commented: “I am proud of how our team has managed unprecedented growth. Because Telegram has continued to work flawlessly for most people. That said, some in the Americas may have experienced slower speeds than usual, as millions of new subscribers rushed to Telegram at the same time. “

The moment he speaks of, of course, is the WhatsApp blackout, which has convinced many to seek alternatives.

However, the new popularity seems to have brought new government attention. On the one hand, in fact, it has removed the chat “Basta Dictatura” in Italy, as well as having blacked out a lot of channels selling bogus Green Passthe. On the other hand, some critics have accused Telegram of having succumbed to the Putin government in Russia by eliminating a channel to organize the anti-government vote.

Telegram is becoming one of the largest platforms in the world, and to paraphrase Spider-Man’s uncle, large numbers of users come with great responsibilities.