Coca-Cola potrebbe lanciare un proprio smartphone: trapela un render del ColaPhone thumbnail

Coca-Cola could launch its own smartphone: a render of the ColaPhone leaks

The news is bizarre but definitely not incredible. Several rumors on the net, even apparently reliable, suggest that Coke is about to launch its own smartphone: the ColaPhone. Beyond the unoriginal name, the first renderings of the device have appeared online which, guess what, is entirely red.

A well-known insider called Ice Universe — no Coke jokes on ice, promised — he posted a photo on Twitter of what the alleged ColaPhone might look like. The news, obviously, is currently to be taken with a grain of salt (from ice, a promise clearly not kept).

What we know about the ColaPhone: Is Coca-Cola about to launch a smartphone?

In the post in question, which you can find below, Ice Universe writes: “Here is the first photo ever of the new #ColaPhone! To achieve it, Coca-Cola could rely on a leading brand in the sector. Who could it be?”

The question comes accompanied by the logos of some top brands in the mobile sector such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei, POCO, realme and OPPO.

At the basis of the project there would therefore be a collaboration between Coca-Cola is a brand already known in the sector. After all, it would be decidedly absurd if Coca-Cola, out of the blue, decided to open a smartphone division. At the time of the alleged device, from a technical point of view, practically nothing is known. The only information we can deduce from the render published by Ice Universe. This shows us just one dual rear camera accompanied by an LED flash.

While awaiting confirmation or denial of the veracity of this project, we invite you to dream of a parallel world in which Coca-Cola smartphones and Apple drinks can accompany our Sunday aperitifs.

Coca Cola Phone

Credit: Ice Universe (via Twitter)

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