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CoD League 2022: the results of the final

In this article you will find the results of the long-awaited final of the first major of the CoD League 2022, the biggest Call of Duty event of the year.

Finally the finale of the first major of the CoD League 2022the biggest event sport of Call of Duty of the year. This great tournament started on February 4th and now we have finally reached the end of the competition. Indeed tonight the OpTic Texas and the Atlanta FaZe they faced off in a truly compelling match for the title of tournament champion.

The challenge tonight was really very exciting, but unfortunately some fans may not have had the opportunity to attend. To allow you to quickly recover at least the winner we have therefore decided to write this article, where you will find the results of the final of this tournament of the CoD League 2022.

OpTic Texas Win CoD League Final!

Unlike previous tournament matches the grand final lasted much longersince this time to triumph it was necessary to win 5 rounds. Tonight’s game was really very exciting and both teams gave their best from the beginning. In the end, however, obviously only one of the two teams managed to triumph: the OpTic Texas. The Texan team in fact finally managed to win the tournament with a score of 5 to 2a truly impressive result.

CoD League 2022: the results of the final

As far as this CoD League 2022 tournament is concerned, that’s all, but during all this long competition you might have missed something. Fortunately, if you want to have a look at the results of previous games, you can do so thanks to ours dedicated article.

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