CoD Modern Warfare 2: is the Ghost campaign in development?

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According to an insider in CoD Modern Warfare 2 it will be possible to play a campaign dedicated to the character of Ghost

2023 will be a somewhat unusual year for Call of Duty. Apparently, the series will not see a new release, breaking its long cycle of annual releases, although Activision has stated that it will still release new premium paid content for the historic FPS series next year.

According to some leaks, it will be paid DLC for CoD Modern Warfare 2which will include not only new multiplayer content, but also downloadable items for the campagna for single player dedicated to the character of Ghost. Now, a new report released on Whatifgaming by Ralph Valve, a well-known insider, may have provided new details on the latter. Let’s see all the details about it in the next few lines of this article.

CoD Modern Warfare 2: Activsion has proposed to the actor who plays Ghost to make a campaign with his character as the protagonist?

According to the aforementioned report, a new campagna for single player of CoD Modern Warfare 2 is currently in development and will focus on the character of Simon “Ghost” Riley. According to reports, the actor Samuel Roukinwho plays Ghost, was approached by Activision during the development of Modern Warfare 2, and the entertainment giant offered Roukin to further expand his role beyond that already envisaged for the shooter in question.

CoD Modern Warfare 2: is the Ghost campaign in development?

It is unknown whether the Ghost campaign will be part of Modern Warfare 2’s paid downloadable content, although the report goes on to state that with Modern Warfare 2’s expansions, Infinity Ward is taking the approach of developing more episodes in a structure similar to the Dark Pictures Anthology, with each episode focusing on different characters and stories.

Previously, journalist Jason Schreier stated that thepaid premium expansion of Modern Warfare 2 was developed by Sledgehammer Games. Activision will presumably reveal official details about its post-launch plans for Modern Warfare 2 in the coming months, but there’s currently no concrete information.

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