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CoD: Modern Warfare 2, multiplayer beta coming according to a rumor

According to rumors, reported by Tom Henderson, the multiplayer beta of CoD: Modern Warfare 2 is coming very soon

Recently the new title Activision and Infinity Ward, of the Call of Duty saga has not received much news officers by the development team, and you know that when this happens i leak and the rumors increase dramatically. In this regard, the well-known appeared as usual insider Tom Henderson, who has indicated as a beta of CoD: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer is in anticipation of release very earlythis indication was also confirmed by another insider, Ralph Valve.

CoD: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta… when?

When can we get our hands on the CoD: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta? Always second Tom Henderson the release is scheduled for the second half of Septemberobviously it is not yet possible to know when and how it will be revealed to the public, but the insider adds that the true one campagna marketing of the title will begin immediately after the publication of the online proof of the title, the real backbone of the Activision title.

CoD: Modern Warfare 2, multiplayer beta coming according to a rumor

For the title that is out on October 28 per Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 e PCtwo new multiplayer modes have recently been announced, Hostage e Knockoutdespite various aspects of online play having leaked in the past as Field Upgrades, Perks e Killstreaksalong with other modalities such as Cranked e Demolition. What do you think? Are you waiting to get your hands on the new online modes of the next Call of Duty? Let us know below in the comments!

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