CoD Project Aurora: Warzone for mobile is coming!

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To a great surprise, CoD Project Aurora was recently announced, codenamed for the mobile version of Warzone finally coming

Activision announced Call of Duty: Project Aurora, a new mobile title that aims to deliver “a fast, accurate and high quality Battle Royale action experience”. It is currently still in alpha version and will be tested by gamers to improve optimizing the game, fixing bugs, collecting feedback from players and carrying out various stress tests. While alpha participants cannot share title details, the team has promised that we will have constant updates via the official blog that will increase as development progresses.

CoD Project Aurora is the new Warzone for mobile

Apparently the alpha of CoD Project Aurora has a limited number of participants, although it may open to add more in the future. No official release date has been shared at the moment and all alpha content is subject to future changes. According to Activision:

Right now, we’re simply evaluating full-scale Battle Royale game mechanics for various mobile devices.

The team also confirmed that the alpha content is not all that will be in the final game and we will certainly have more surprises to discover.

CoD Project Aurora: Warzone for mobile is coming!

On balance Activision had previously confirmed that Call of Duty: Warzone it would come sooner or later on mobile devices, so this is likely the same game mentioned in the past. The developers involved in the project include Beenox, Activision Shanghai, Activision Central Tech, Demonware, Solid State Studios e Digital Legends (acquired last year). We just have to wait for more information to learn more about CoD Project Aurora.

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