CoD: rumor about the new game reveals various details about realism and moral choices

Even before the release of Vanguard, there are already some first details on the new CoD game that will be released in 2022

We are in November, and in the next weeks the long-awaited Call of Duty: Vanguard will be released, with the return of now iconic modes for the series and the inclusion of some new features, including the new Ricochet anti-cheat system. However, even though the game is still about to come out, it is already being thought of next chapter: According to some details, revealed by a user on Twitter, the new CoD game will be a sequel to Modern Warfare, and will also have some moral choices, similar to the honor system in Red Dead Redemption 2. Before delving further into the revealed leak, remember that it is always a rumor, therefore information hypothesized and not yet confirmed, so we suggest to maintain a certain prudence in reading.

Details on the possible innovations introduced in the new CoD game

According to the user, Inifinity Ward would be working on “Modern Warfare II”, and introduces in the following posts the first details regarding the chapter. These are just some of the new additions that may be present in the game, but it seems that this time CoD wants to aim for maximum realism. Speaking of the Campaign, will reach levels for an adult audience, with gory content, intense violence, bad language, suggestive themes and drug use.

There will obviously be the possibility of purchasing content within the game and interaction between users. The story is further described as stark and chilling. When an enemy soldier is hit, he will not die right away, but based on where he is wounded he will start at beg for your life, insult, despair, and then enter the last gasps preceding death.

Adding a “System of morality” it will lead to having an impacting role in some decisions taken in the Campaign. Gore features will also be added, where fighters will lose of the limbs depending on the caliber of the bullets, they will scream at and try to stop the bleeding. In very intense moments, such as when you are ambushed, your character will be visibly shaken.

He will have difficulty loading his weapon and shaking hands, heavy breathing, restless voice. During the battle it will happen to have your own shotgun jammed, forcing the operator to have to waste the inserted bullet, even if it can later be collected.

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