COD update: all the news of Season 4 of Cold War and Warzone

In this article you will find all the most important news introduced with the COD Season 4 update: Warzone and Cold War

While both games have been around for a very long time now, be it Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War che Warzone continuing to be very much played. This is obviously due to the quality of the titles, but also to the constant addition of new content. In fact, tomorrow the patch dedicated to the Season 4 of COD: Warzone and Cold War, and in this article you will find all the most important news that will be introduced with this update.

Important downloads

Again, depending on whether you play COD: Warzone or Cold War, the size of the update for Season 4 will vary quite a bit. If you have Cold War the patch size will be as follows: 15.5 GB on PS4, 30 GB on PS5, 30.7 GB your PC, 17.7 GB su Xbox One e 30.7 GB on Xbox Series X | S. If you have only Warzone then you will have to refer to this weight: 11 GB on PS4, 11 GB on PS5, 12.3 GB your PC, 11.2 GB su Xbox One e 11.2 GB su Xbox Series X | S.

Officially Season 4 kicks off on the 17th at 6:00 am, but luckily many of you won’t have to download anything at the time. These days in fact Treyarch e Infinity Ward have allowed users of each platform to start downloading the update in advance. Sure, it’s always a lot of gigs to download, but at least if you have a decent connection you should be able to play by tomorrow morning.

New in multiplayer – What’s new in COD Season 4 update: Warzone and Cold War

Let’s start immediately by talking about the news related to multiplayer COD: Black Ops Cold War which will be introduced with the Season 4 update:

  • New event: Ground Fall (throw)
    • During the first week after the launch of Season 4, players will be able to participate in the limited-time Ground Fall event. In this event, players will have to investigate a satellite crashed in the Verdansk countryside and complete various challenges to earn various rewards, including an epic secondary weapon blueprint.
  • Collateral 12v12 (throw)
    • Collateral is a large map located in the middle of the scorching Algerian desert, exactly where a CIA satellite crashed. The area is made up of a village, a large industrial drill and a row of dunes, offering several opportunities for heart-pounding close-quarters combat. In this map it will also be possible to drive different vehicles and use ground-to-air attacks to repel enemy vehicles.
  • Collateral Strike 6v6 (throw)
    • Collateral Strike is a scaled-down version of Collateral in which players will only have to rely on their weapons to fight.
  • Hijacked 6v6 (throw)
    • Hijacked is a historic multiplayer map set on a luxury yacht and first appeared in Black Ops II. In this very tight arena, close-range weapons will be favored, but there are also some points that can be used to attack enemies from a distance.
  • Amsterdam 2v2 e 3v3 (throw)
    • This small map is set on the rooftops of Amsterdam that you will surely have already seen during Cold War’s “trapped” mission. To survive in this place you will have to make the most of the surrounding environment to shelter from enemies and then fight back.
  • Rush 6v6 (coming during the season)
    • Rush is also a map that comes straight from Black Ops II but this time you will find yourself in the middle of a paintball field. This chaotic arena lends itself perfectly to both close quarters and medium to long range combat.
  • Team d’assalto: Sat-Link (throw)
    • In this new ten-team mode your goal will be to activate a satellite and keep it online for as long as possible.
  • A shot in the barrel (throw)
    • “One Shot in the Barrel” is back, one of the most loved modes by COD players. In this game mode you will have only one bullet available and you will not be able to collect more if you do not kill at least one enemy first.
  • Capture the flag (coming during the season)
    • Capture the Flag is a classic mode where two teams must capture the opponent’s flag and defend their own.
  • New Scoring Series: Hand Cannon (throw)
    • This series of points will allow you to obtain a very powerful semi-automatic pistol capable of eliminating enemies with a single shot.

COD update: all the news of Season 4 of Cold War and Warzone

What’s New in Zombies Mode – What’s new in COD Season 4 update: Warzone and Cold War

The Season 4 update will also add a lot of content related to COD: Cold War Zombies mode:

  • New region for Outbreak: Z00 (throw)
    • With the arrival of Season 4, Outbreak is enriched with Zoo, a new region. In this area you will have to deal with a Zoo invaded by the undead and you will also have to face Operation Excision, a new main mission that will serve as a prologue for the next Zombies map arriving in mid-season.
  • Wall of the Dead (coming mid season)
    • In this new classic zombie map, players will face the hordes of undead that haunt a war-torn East Berlin.
  • New map for Carnage mode: Collateral (throw)
    • PlayStation players will be able to play Carnage mode in the new Collateral map
  • New map for Carnage mode: Rush (arriving during the internship)
    • Over the course of the season, players will be able to take on the undead in Rush, the new multiplayer map that will arrive mid-season.

COD update: all the news of Season 4 of Cold War and Warzone

New Weapons and Operators – What’s new in COD Season 4 Update: Warzone and Cold War

Along with Season 4 this update will also enrich COD with new weapons and operators per Cold War e Warzone:

  • Jackal: Warsaw Pact (throw)
    • Jackal is a South African mercenary who infiltrated the CIA ground station on behalf of Pegasus. This ruthless warrior always works for the highest bidder and is terribly hated and feared by his opponents.
  • Wrong: NATO (coming later in the season)
    • Salah is a member of the CIA team that infiltrated the satellite crash site in Algeria. This elite soldier specializes in combat and negotiation techniques that make him a very important asset to NATO.
  • Weaver: NATO (coming later in the season)
    • Born in the USSR and raised in America, CIA Clandestine Service agent Grigori Weaver participates in both sides of the Cold War. Over the course of Season 4 this great soldier will venture into Requiem HQ and face the threat of the undead head on.
  • MC 82 (throw)
    • The MC 82 is an automatic light machine gun with the highest rate of fire in its class and boasting good aiming speed.
  • C58 (throw)
    • The C58 is an automatic assault rifle with a reduced rate of fire but which is capable of inflicting severe damage at close range.
  • Sparachiodi (throw)
    • This automatic work tool will allow you to eliminate your opponents from close range using only 3 shots.
  • OTs 9 (coming later in the season)
    • This SMG boasts excellent stopping power and excellent rate of fire, but suffers from a 20-round magazine.
  • Mazza (coming later in the season)
    • This medieval blunt weapon is perfect for taking out nearby enemies with a single, well-aimed blow.
  • Adjusted the stats of many weapons to make the game more balanced

COD update: all the news of Season 4 of Cold War and Warzone

Warzone News – What’s new in COD Season 4 Update: Warzone and Cold War

In addition to Cold War Season 4, this update will add a lot of content to COD as well Warzone:

  • New points of interest (throw)
    • With the arrival of Season 4, a large number of satellites crashed into Verdansk. The crash points are not marked on the map, but you can easily see them as you explore the region.
  • Red Doors (throw)
    • Now in some places in Verdansk you can find mysterious red doors. These doors emanate a supernatural aura that is very reminiscent of a specific zombie map from the first Black Ops and through them you can get unexpected results.
  • Gulag Hijacked (throw)
    • Now the classic Gulag arena will be replaced with a plywood reconstruction of the bridge from the Hijacked map.
  • New vehicle: Motocross bike (throw)
    • The dirt bike is a new vehicle that will be positioned throughout Verdansk. This craft is extremely fast and maneuverable, and is capable of performing special actions such as sliding and drifting.
  • Load (coming mid season)
    • In this mode 40 players will have the task of escorting two caravans, while another 40 will have to try to sabotage them.
  • The mini royale playlist is back

COD update: all the news of Season 4 of Cold War and Warzone

That’s all!

These are all main news which will be introduced with the COD: Warzone and Cold War Season 4 update, but for information related to Bug Fix we will have to wait for the official launch of the season. Our article ends here, but if you really want to be the best in multiplayer, we suggest you take a look at the many dedicated guides on our site:

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