Codice di condotta: un nuovo strumento per contrastare il telemarketing illegale thumbnail

Code of conduct: a new tool to combat illegal telemarketing

Assocontact (National Association of Business Process Outsourcers) e OIC (Business and Consumer Observatory) have advanced the proposal to launch the new one Code of Conduct. This is the project that anticipates the arrival of a new tool in the fight against illegal telemarketing. After the Blue Stamp and the Register of oppositions, in fact, the Code of Conduct aims to fill some regulatory gaps. Here are the details:

The Code of Conduct is a new weapon against illegal telemarketing

The Code of Conduct aims to become a new tool for the fight against illegal telemarketing. It is a system of rules of conduct and management that integrates all the recommendations presented by the European Legislator, the National Legislator and the Supervisory Authorities (the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data, the Guarantor of Competition and the Market and the ‘Authority for guarantees in communications).

The objective of the code is that of regulate the work of the Outsourcers. Even the customers will be able to adhere to the code in order to strengthen the ability to distinguish and contrast all illegal operators in the sector that risk penalizing even the correct Outsourcers. The code is based on the desire to ensure an open dialogue between the parties, raise awareness among consumers and provide operators with continuous training.

The comment of the protagonists

Raffaella Grisafi, Vice President of OIC, underlines: “Our nature as an Observatory which encompasses various entities allows us to have an overall picture of a complex phenomenon which – like the whole market – suffers from the competition of subjects who operate illegally, damaging the entire supply chain and in particular consumers”

Lelio Borgherese, Assocontact Presidenthe adds: “we must support models for regulating the sector that are of maximum guarantee for citizens. In this direction we have advanced the proposal of the Code of Conduct, a tool that would help to restore value and credibility to the sector “

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