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Elden Ring reveals the Confessor and Samurai classes

The list of classes available in Elden Ring expands thanks to two new entries revealed by From Software, namely the Confessor and the Samurai

There is no doubt that Elden Ring, the next work by From Software now in the pipeline, is one of the most anticipated titles of the year, so it is not surprising that any new related information is welcomed with open arms by fans. To hold the bench in the last few days are the classes that will be present in the gamewith a combination that we proposed just a few days ago, to which it is added another duorecently unveiled by the developers themselves.

Elden Ring welcomes the Samurai and the Confessor among the new character classes

Guilty of the reveal, as in the last case, is always theofficial Twitter account of the productionthrough which the Japanese developers have briefly detailed the figures of the Confessor and Samurai. As for the first figure, the brief description in the post (found in this news) defines it as a spy able to easily cast spells, as well as skilled in the use of swords. The second customization, on the other hand, is hatched as a warrior hailing from the distant lands of Reeds, expert in the use of katanas and longbows.

As in the case of Confessor and Samurai classesthe post onElden Ring official Twitter account it limits itself to these thin explanations, leaving to the complete release the honor (and the burden) of examining every aspect properly. Waiting for the launch of the game, scheduled for the next one February 25we refer you to the list of hardware features necessary to play it on PC, also inviting you to stay in the company of

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