Codex: OpenAi’s program capable of translating words into code

Codex: il programma di OpenAi capace di tradurre le parole in codice di programmazione thumbnail

The company OpenAi just presented a program, called Codex, able to translate language into programming code, through a machine learning process governed by artificial intelligence. According to what is shared by the company, for the moment the software is able to operate only in English, but it is likely that in the near future new languages ​​and functions useful for professionals will also be implemented.

Codex by OpenAi is born: the software that translates language into programming code

This new program was created to speed up development and clear the secrets of programming languages ​​to a wider audience. In the first beta versions of Codex you can see how the software acts as a real helper towards development of very basic mobile games.

Codex is capable of carry out simple orders like “bounce the sphere off the corners of the display” and other tasks of this kind, like a sort of voice assistant that can program.

“Programming is divided into two parts, in the first you have to think carefully about a problem and try to understand it, in the second you have to map those little pieces to existing code, whether it is a library, function or api – explained Greg Brockman, co-founder of OpenAi – Codex does best in the second part, the most boring “.

As you will surely have guessed from what has been said so far, Codex is still in the early stages of its development, and both the program and the programmers are learning how to make the most of machine learning technology. Although it will probably still take a long time to make Codex “competent” and fluid in every area, the project is certainly noteworthy, which promises to greatly simplify the life of professionals in the sector.

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