Abandoned: no first trailer, the flop is colossal

Nothing done for the first trailer of Abandoned: the flop of the technical problems of the app contributes to a theater bordering on the grotesque

The hype for a game that does not live up to merits has never completely convinced us, and predictably that of the first trailer of Abandoned has turned into a flop Without precedents. The exclusivity to a gameplay debut app has predictably contributed to a bottleneck avoidable by posting the trailer on YouTube as BlueBox Game Studios he had promised to do. Now that the resulting glitches of the app have marred the party, the only thing Sony, Silent Hill and Konami fans joined last night was just outright disdain for a sense of handling.

A flop (not) by Hideo Kojima: goodbye to the first trailer of Abandoned

In all this, following the flop of the first trailer, the creators of Abandoned have opted for a strategic retreat. The most recent tweet from BlueBox Game Studios was an hour ago, and again, fans have split. On the one hand we have the disappointment of those who do not want another cold shower, and on the other (as you see below) the strenuous one obstinacy of those who prefer to see something that, now more than ever, does not exist until proven otherwise. We are reporting all this for the record, but since it is a situation that the trade press has helped to create, you can consider it a mea culpa.

It must be said, therefore, that regardless of the (not entirely undeserved) pillory born from the limp management of the matter, the advice remains to take every conjecture with a grain of salt. The total silence of BlueBox extends to the YouTube channel of the Dutch studio, which has started to remove all videos uploaded so far. When not even the explicit denial of an alleged correlation with a game designer unrelated to the project is enough, it can be a good time to drop the curtain on a situation that is now bordering on grotesque.

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