Column Bonus: Wallbox explains how to make the most of it

Bonus ricariche elettriche: come installare una colonnina Wallbox thumbnail

The new bonus for electric charging allows you to save by installing small columns in the house for electric cars: Wallbox he therefore thought of a vademecum for the occasion. Taking advantage of the column bonus could help you better manage your electric vehicle. Making the most of incentives.

Wallbox and the electric columns bonus

The Ministry of Economic Development explains that the “contribution for the purchase of standard power infrastructures for recharging vehicles powered by electricity is equal to 80% of the purchase price and installation, within the maximum limit of 1.500 euro per applicant and of 8.000 euro if the columns are installed in the common areas of condominiums. For this bonus they have been allocated 40 million euros“.

And this is just a first hint of the “Automotive Fund” which should arrive by the end of the year, with 400 million allocated until 2030. To which are added the incentives for cars with limited emissions, which arrive up to 7,500 euros in case of scrapping for a full-electric.

Wallbox Commander 2 bonus min

How to take advantage of the incentive

Wallbox explains that to take advantage of the bonus you must rely on a qualified electrician, such as the installers of your team. Using their experience also to choose the best solutions for your home or condominium.

Wallbox Pulsar electric recharge bonus min

As an example:

  • Pulsar Plus, which allows a charging speed from 7.4kw to 22kw. And that has the perfect design to adapt to any living environment.
  • Copper SB on the other hand, it guarantees recharging to any electric vehicle on the market, giving power and at the same time great versatility.
  • Commander 2: offers the simplest and shortest path to smart charging of electric vehicles. Also thanks to the app myWallboxincluded at no additional cost, to intelligently manage the load

With the app you can also manage charging programs, manage multiple users and multiple chargers. And then with the function Eco Smart you can activate the charger based on the energy produced by the solar panels on your time, to optimize production and recharge to the maximum.

You can find out more on the Wallbox website.