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Communication Safety is Apple’s new feature that protects children

Apple recently announced the arrival of Communication Safety on iOS 15.2. This is a new feature that will notify parents of the presence of nudity in the photos their children receive. Let’s find out all the details together.

Communication Safety from Apple: More protection for children


Apple is increasing its efforts to secure the security and privacy of its users with recent iOS updates. The company also wants to further secure the protection of children using their smartphones. The primary purpose of the Cupertino company is to make parents stay rest assured and make them understand that i iOS devices are safe for children.

With the next iOS 15.2, the company will take a bold step in this direction. IPhones will be able to detect if an iPhone user O iPad receives or sends a text with sexually explicit photos. This will allow the company to protect children from sexual predators.

Apple announced in August that will update the iPhone Messages application so that it can detect the sexually explicit photos. This Tuesday, the feature went live in iOS 15.2 Developer Beta 2. When the feature becomes fully available, a child will receive one explicit photo in the Messages app on an iPhone or iPad will see a blurry image.

If the child tries to view it, he will receive a message asking, “Are you sure?”.

The warning message will allow the child to understand who must not open the photo. The notice also reads: “Sensitive photos and videos show private body parts covering themselves with swimwear,” to make the concept even clearer.

However, if the child sees the picture after the warning message, parents will be notified. Interestingly, the same behavior occurs if a young man tries to send sexually explicit photos. In this case it will be warned before the photo is sent and her parents will receive a message if she decides to send it.

The function will be disabled by default. However, a parent O legal guardian will be able to enable it, as long as the devices are part of a piano Family Sharing.

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