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The Smurfs – Fel Leaf Mission is finally available on console and PC

Microids, IMPS and OSome Studio have announced that The Smurfs – Felleaf Mission is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Below we present the launch trailer.

Smurfs along with the new Microids title: The Smurfs – Fel Leaf Mission is now available

The Smurfs – Fel Leaf Mission is a title that can make anyone happy. Fans of old date of the blue goblins (two apples high or a little more …) but also ai younger players. If you are a lover of adventures and gods platform 3D, then you absolutely cannot miss this video game.

In an ancient and dusty book of magic hidden deep in his laboratory, the wizard Gargamel has discovered the formula of an evil plant: the Vilfoglia. This plant is very dangerous for the forest, because it is very toxic. But not only. Felleaf has a truly diabolical peculiarity: it produces seeds that can attract e imprison the Smurfs.

Papa Smurf decides to take matters into his own hands and asks the Smurfs from the village of help him find the ingredients for a super potent antidote. This antidote will be able to cure all plants infested with Fel Leaf. A secret weapon will accompany you on this adventure. We are talking about the Smuffer, a revolutionary invention obviously conceived by the Papa Smurf.

The features of the game and the smurfy editions

  • Go on an exciting journey featuring a unique gameplay and easy to learn.
  • Take on the role of four truly exceptional Smurfs: Smurfette, Hefty Smurf, Brainy Smurf and Chef Smurf.
  • The Smuffer it’s a really smurf weapon. Not only will it allow you to cure the plants infected with Fel Leaf but it will also facilitate your progression in the game thanks to its multiple functions. Discover them all in game.
  • Explore every corner of the 5 game worlds. Also find your way through the different levels to collect all the ingredients the forest needs.
  • The forest is saved in two: A second player will be able to join the adventure by playing as a little robot. Invented once again by the Inventor Smurf, this little ally can attach O break away from the Smuffer at any time.
  • Bring the Smurf Village back to life: Find all the useful items along the way to upgrade your Smurfizer and try to restore the Smurf village to its former glory.

As for the special editions, the title is available in thePuffosissima edition and in Collector Edition for Nintendo Switch. The Puffosissima Edition contains:

  • The game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch;
  • 3 lithographs of 10x15cm;
  • A 5cm Papa Smurf keychain;
  • Lots of smurf stickers (11 × 8.5cm).

The Collector Edition for Nintendo Switch will contain all the items from the previous edition, plus:

  • A 14.5cm long figurine in resin of the Strong Smurf;
  • The game soundtrack (digitally downloadable via a code).

The Smurfs – Felleaf Mission is already available from October 26 for PC through Steam e GOG. From today, however, it also arrives on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S, the version of which will be available on 2 December.

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