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Companies can achieve excellent results thanks to the development of cloud computing

Maureen Lonergan, Vice President of Training and Certification di Amazon Web Services (AWS), is convinced of this: to improve company results, it is necessary to focus on the development of employee skills, especially those relating to cloud computing.

Cloud computing and skills development

Let’s not deny it: 2022 has been a very tough yearmade up of setbacks that led many companies to have to review their internal and external plans, but what made the difference was the continuous evolution of technology, especially cloud computing.

However, it is essential that companies adopting the cloud understand the connection with investment in human capital. In fact, a recent Forrester Research study found that companies that train their people in cloud skills get a ROI (ie a return on investment) of 100% within six months and of 234% within three years.

Furthermore, adds Maureen Lonergan, training employees’ IT skills allows companies to innovate, significantly increasing annual global GDP by about 6.3 billion dollars.

IT investments are needed

If the company has already made or is considering the move to the cloud, it must take into account the fact that it will inevitably need to train new talent. Indeed there are five million vacant cloud jobs and, by and large, roles in this sector are among the most difficult to fill.

Secondo la Skillsoft’s IT Skills and Salary Survey 2022, cloud computing is among the main areas of investmentfollowed by the cybersecurity, AI, Infrastructures and Systems, Data Analytics and Data Science. Therefore it is necessary to examine the skills of the staff in these areas and to have a training plan.

In fact they are present within AWS Skill Builder numerous training resources to offer opportunities for continuous development. However, bridging the skills gap is not easy, but targeting talent who have advanced cloud skills could be the winning move.

For Lonergan a good starting point could be the Virtual Instructor Training (VILT), taking into account the advantages that this training system brings. In fact, students and executives agree that VILT is effective, increasing knowledge retention, and cost-effective, since cancel the travel costs for the transfer.

Certifications are also important: according to ESG, certified personnel allow the company to aim for more competitive positions in order to achieve the desired success.

Training non-IT employees in the face of cloud computing

With the growth of the cloud and information technologies, companies are gradually investing in the training of non-tech personnel. Volkswagen is an example of this, achieving a reduction in time-to-market and an improvement in collaboration between teams.

“AWS training and certification – he commented Stefan Klünker, Global Product Owner di Volkswagen Financial Services – helped transform us as a company, defining a path where business and IT came together and everyone understood the need to provide better and faster solutions to our customers“.

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