Le truffe online continuano a far danni: le criptovalute uno dei temi più sfruttati thumbnail

Online scams continue to cause damage: here are the data for 2022

The met online continue to represent a huge problem for users: according to an FBI report, in fact, Americans lost over $10 billion due to scams carried out via the Internet during 2022. This is a huge growth compared to what was recorded in 2021. Here are the details:

Americans affected by online scams: Over $10 billion lost in 2022

According to an FBI report, during the 2022the Americans recorded losses of more than $10 billion due to online scams on the Internet. This is a significant increase from the $6.9 billion recorded in 2021. A sizable chunk of scams are related to cryptocurrencies which they entailed losses of $2.6 billion for Americans in 2022.

While complaints about investment-related scams are on the riseor, drastically reduce ransomware attacks, which went from 3,729 to 2,385 in the space of a year. Also worth noting limited damage from phishing which, in over 300,000 cases, led to overall losses of 52 million dollars.

The topic of online scams remains prominent. In fact, on the Internet, threats continue to be numerous and relevant. As the FBI report makes clear, the risks for users can be different. Even in 2023, significant damage can be expected from fraudulent attempts on investments, cryptocurrencies, ransomware attacks and phishing.

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