Compulsion Games: the We Happy Few studio working on a new game

Compulsion Games’ new game has been in development for some time, according to a member of the development team

We know how Microsoft has hoarded independent studios in recent years, all in order to increase the production of titles for Xbox and PC: among the various big names, such as Bethesda and Ninja Theory. Even minor studies, which perhaps seemed perhaps more similar to PlayStation, ended up later under the green wing by Phil Spencer: one of these was Compulsion Games, studio author of Contrast and We Happy Few, with the debut of the latter initially first on Xbox One. Since the title was released, no news has arisen regarding their upcoming project; yet, recent news seems to indicate that something is actually there boiling in the pot for some time.

The new game from Compulsion Games

During an interview with the Xbox Squad newspaper, it was learned that the Canadian team, after releasing We Happy Few, has doubled the number of developers. Compulsion Games now aims to create “Unique games in little used environments“; in addition, during the interview with developer Naila Hadjas, the new title is also introduced, a narrative and third-person game, which apparently is in full development and started production in 2019. Early Access is required, as this will not be a game that requires a lot of data to improve the experience.

Compulsion Games: the We Happy Few studio working on a new game

Hadjas explains how with We Happy Few they had in mind to create a rogue-like, but then the game It has become adding a story to it. This time, the studio has in mind from the beginning to create a story, and there is a clear idea of ​​which direction to take. According to different leaks, coming from Resetera, the new Compulsion Games game will actually be a third-person action-adventure with tones dark fantasy, and it will not be about We Happy Few. In any case, it seems that it is necessary to wait some more time to see the new project of the studio. Meanwhile, there are still other titles that we are still eagerly awaiting from Microsoft, such as Starfield, or Awoved.

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