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Computer sales down in Q1 2023, Apple hardest hit

With the beginning of April, the sums of the first quarter of 2023 are drawn up, a decidedly negative period for computer sales. Indeed, according to a report by the market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), global PC shipments recorded a 29% year-on-year decline. Specifically, IDC reports that global shipments were 56.9 million, down sharply from 80.2 million in Q1 2022.

The report indicates that the decline is due to weak demand, excess inventory and worsening market macroeconomics. These factors have negatively impacted all major personal computer manufacturers, but Apple was hit the hardest, shrinking 40.5% year-on-year.

Declining computer sales, Apple focuses on mobile

Despite the alarming data for the Cupertino company, it must be said that in recent years the big bitten apple has focused its efforts more on its iPhones than on laptops. Apple launched its on chips M2 Pro e M2 Max early Q1 (during a historically sluggish time for the market) and never updated their line of desktops which still feature the chips 2020 M1-series.

Although the M1 is still able to offer excellent performance, it has now been three years since its introduction. This means that consumers intending to have a MacBook with M1, presumably, have already bought it.

As for the entire market, the computer sales in the first quarter of 2023 were led Lenovo (23,9%), HP (21,5%), Dell (16,0%), Apple (7,5%) e Acer (6,4%).

IDC analysts believe this decline will allow supply chains to adjust to the market as manufacturers begin exploring manufacturing options outside of China. We can therefore expect a recovery in sales by the end of the year.

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