CONI e IIDEA siglano una collaborazione per promuovere gli esports in Italia thumbnail

CONI and IIDEA sign a collaboration to promote esports in Italy

CONI and IIDEA sign a collaboration to promote esports in Italy thumbnail

Il Esport Italia Promoting Committee of CONI and IIDEAthe association representing the video game industry in Italy, have signed a letter of intent. It has as its object the start of a collaboration Between the parts. On which topics are they committed to collaborating?

Esports Italia, CONI and IIDEA sign up for a collaboration

In particular, the two organizations mutually undertake to collaborate in the following fields:

  • promote the knowledge and the comprehension the video game and esports sectors;
  • spread the practice of discipline e-sportivewith particular regard to simulated sports;
  • promote the study, knowledge and dissemination of correct notions related to sports disciplines;
  • develop electronic games useful a socially support sports bodies;
  • analyze the compatibility of virtual sport with the policies of prevention of inequality, from the discriminationdell’marginalization social and bullying;
  • build a network with market operators in compliance with intellectual property rights.

CONI and IIDEA sign a collaboration to promote esports in Italy

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The floor to Michele Barbone, President of the E-Sport Italia Promoting Committee

“I am very satisfied to have reached, with a 100% shared vision for the development of E-sport in Italy, this agreement with IIDEA which will soon see us sitting at a table to combine our experience in the world of federated sport and the them in the video game industry and development in Italy. A partnership that will certainly lead our two realities to share both the competitive aspects of sport through videogames and those of inclusion by young people who want to approach the world of virtual sport, with guidelines and regulations shared by mutual agreement “, he declared Michele Barbone, President of the E-Sport Italia Promoting Committee.

The opinion of Marco Saletta, President of IIDEA

“We are pleased to start this collaboration with the E-Sport Italia Promoting Committee because we believe it can form the starting point for better knowledge and mutual understanding between the world of video games and that of sport and for the development of possible future projects “, he added Marco Saletta, President of IIDEA. “As recently underlined by the European Parliament resolution on esports and video games, esports and sport are different sectors but they can complement and learn from each other and foster similar positive values ​​and skills.”

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