ConnectedRide Com U1 new intercom with BT and Mesh 2.0 technologies

BMW Motorrad lancia il sistema di comunicazione per casco ConnectedRide Com U1 thumbnail

BMW Motorrad’s new communication system, called ConnectedRide Com U1 is enabled Bluetooth 5.0 e Mesh 2.0. It can be controlled both by voice – in eight different languages ​​(including Italian) – both via the large buttons.

To make sure you don’t run out of power at the end of the day, a 900-milliampere lithium-polymer battery is integrated. This allows the device to last more than ten hours in Bluetooth mode, which reduces to eight hours of active use if using Mesh 2.0 technology.. It should be noted that fast charging takes only 20 minutes to get 3.5 hours (Mesh intercom) or 6 hours (Bluetooth intercom).

Since the device is able to communicate via Mash with BMW Motorrad and Sena products, this is presumably a joint development.

In addition, the ConnectedRide Com U1 is equipped with an FM radio that allows you to save up to ten stations. To search for channels, simply press a button or, alternatively, use the free “Com U1” application.

With ConnectedRide Com U1, travel companions are always within “voice” reach

Even if we have lost sight of our fellow travelers, that’s not a problem, as the range can come up to two kilometers in open field via Bluetooth and can be increased up to eight kilometers via the Mesh. This also applies if you have six connected riders. That’s why the Com U1 has a foldable antenna which helps to achieve the maximum possible range in Mesh mode. As an alternative to communication via Mesh, it is possible to set up communication via Bluetooth with two participants.

ConnectedRide Com U1 also offers the intelligent sound mixing function when hiking. In practice, it allows you to always hear the navigation instructions clearly, even when we talk to another motorcyclist or our passenger.

If the “GPS” instructs the driver, the voice is automatically muted to make sure you don’t miss an upcoming turn.

Finally it should be noted that with the push of a button, it is possible to switch from private Group Mesh to Open Mesh without having to reset first. BMW Motorrad has not yet communicated the price.

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