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Connection problems for Eolo: down throughout Italy

Not only Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail, but also Aeolus: throughout the day today, the Internet connection has been giving some problems. The service, at the moment, is in down.

Eolo down, the internet connection hasn’t worked since this morning

Just since this morning, Eolo’s Internet connection is no longer working. The unease was resented in all Italy. At the moment, the company has not given any official communication either on the site or on its social networks about today’s down. For this reason we cannot know what the type of problem is.

Furthermore, even the site of Aeolus it seems to be slowed down, such as to prevent access to the personal area, probably due to excessive traffic out of the ordinary. Surely the technicians will be working hard to resolve the issue that is causing many inconveniences to its users.

WhatsApp Down

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Aeolus, what is it

Born in 1999Eolo is a fast connection with ultra-long band and is recommended for use in homes, offices, public buildings, video surveillance applications, businesses and industries.

Ideal for those who have to use it in areas where the ADSL line and the fiber does not take well. The only requirement for the proper functioning of the network is the absence of obstaclessuch as houses, trees and buildings.

The advantages of the Eolo network are as follows: efficiencyno connection to any network, flexibility of the offer to the user, safety of use and information, quality of service, low installation costs and last but not least, atmospheric events do not compromise correct function.

Eolo was founded by the CEO Luca Spada and was initially born as a company linked to the world of video games. The head office is in Busto Arstizio. An unpleasant event happened around the CEO of the company: he was arrested on charges of defrauding the state and stealing radio frequencies.

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