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Buried Truth: the new series coming to Serially

The new crime series Buried Truth, from January 26 available on Serially. With Marcus Signer and Sarah Spale; let’s find out all the details on how and where to see it together

Good news for all fans of the thriller genre, eager to be covered in suspense and unsolved mysteries. The free streaming platform Seriallyin fact inaugurated this 2023, with a new tv series: Buried Truth. Crime drama set in the remotest regions of Switzerland; will be available on the Serially platform from January 26, 2023.

Starring the famous Swiss actors, Sarah Spale; Marcus Signer;, László I. Kish and Sabina Schneebeliisti. Here is the official trailer presented.

Buried Truth: Dark Secrets of the Past

The new series Buried Truth, is set in the remote Swiss town; with protagonist the young agent of the cantonal police, Rosa Wilde. On the anniversary of the death of his brother, who was tragically the victim of a landslide decades earlier; Rosa Wilde returns to her hometown Oberwies.

The local community, still deeply wounded by the tragic event, does not seem to have fully recovered. Things suddenly change with the arrival of the millionaire investor Karim Al-Baroudi; bent on building a giant luxury resort. However, not everyone is happy with the great territorial changes.

When Al-Baroudi’s daughter mysteriously disappears without a trace shortly before excavations begin, investigator Rosa Wilder is tasked with finding her. Investigating the woman will bring to light a dark secret that the village has kept hidden for years and that concerns her much more closely than he thought.

The service of Seriallyalready visibile in streaming online at; is now also usable through the app for iOS/iPadOS and Android; su SmartTV Apple TV; LG TV and Samsung TV.

In view of the most romantic day there is (Valentine’s Day); in February 2023 Serially proposes a special section dedicates its best themed titles, such as: Cupid, Relationship Status, Tutankhamun, Vanity Fair and Yumi’s Cells.

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