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Connectivity Voucher from 300 euros, go to consultation

Infratela company controlled by Ministry of Economic Developmentkicked off the public consultation for the Connectivity Voucher of 300 euros. An incentive to bring there30 Mbps broadband in all families that are disconnected.

Start the consultation for the 300 euro Connectivity Voucher

The aim of the measure is to facilitate the adoption of a broadband internet connection (therefore at least 30 Mbps) in all Italian homes. This is also to guarantee the possibility of working and studying from home for everyone, something that we have undoubtedly felt the need for in the last two years.

The initiative provides for the possibility of providing a discount of 300 euros on the costs of providing the serviceboth the activation cost and the monthly fee for i 24 subsequent months. The families will have to apply to Infratel in order to then obtain the Voucher. And they can cancel the contract at any time, however giving up the remaining sum of the voucher. The 300 euros should cover about 50% of the costs.

This is the second phase of the initiative: the first in 2020 had seen a first voucher for families and a second for businesses. But in this phase of the reopening of the offices the However, the Ministry seems willing to focus on broadband. Which is not only needed during emergencies but is now a necessity for practically everyone.

In the second stage they are put on the counter 407.470.769 euro. Of these, two thirds will go to Sicily, Campania, Puglia, Sardinia and Calabria: 275 million euros for areas of the country dwhere the number of families without fast connectivity is higher.

This Connectivity Voucher will touch over four million familieswhich do not yet have a connection above 30 Mbps. As a second objective, the Ministry wants to increase vertical cabling in apartment buildings and encourage digital citizenship (services such as SPID).

At the moment it seems that the times to approve the Voucher are still long. We will keep you posted.

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