Google: changing your password becomes easier thanks to the Assistant

Google semplifica il cambio delle password compromesse con Assistant thumbnail

Google wants to make easier for users to change their account passwords. In fact, with the aim of maximizing the security of user information and accounts, the company is preparing to make a new feature available. Google Assistant will be able, in fact, to suggest the change of access credentials to their accounts saved in the Google account and used with Google Chrome.

Google wants to help users change compromised passwords

The novelty was announced in recent months and is now ready to be made available to users. The system works very simply. When the user logs in to a platform that has registered a password violationthe user will be notified with a notification from Google Assistant. The notification will contain a quick link to password change procedure for the account in question.

It will also be possible to opt for automatic password change

It should also be noted that the user can also choose the option of automatically change compromised passwords. In this way, Google Assistant, whenever it reveals a compromised password, will make the change by selecting a new safe alphanumeric password. In this way, users’ data and information will always be safe.

Google has long started various projects to protect user data. On the occasion of Password Day, this novelty represents a further step forward in an increasingly complete and optimized program to ensure maximum protection of the accounts of all users of the company.