Continental: here is ContiConnect 2.0, the data-driven system for fleets

Continental: ecco ContiConnect 2.0, il sistema data-driven per le flotte thumbnail

Continental presents the new generation of ContiConnect: the remote tire monitoring system. The version 2.0 puts in place the solutions needed for the future of digital tire management. To this end, Continental has perfected the platform to respond promptly to the specific needs of fleets
in the world.

“ContiConnect 2.0 is based on the digitization of tires. It paves the way for intelligent management, combined with customized service-based digital solutions “, spiega Tansu Isik, Head of Business Development and Global Marketing presso Continental Tyres.

The analysis also continues on cars, trucks, buses and off-road vehicles: “Our customers benefit from the modularity, flexibility and compatibility of ContiConnect 2.0. The system allows for digital management of
extremely safe tires, better uptime and cost transparency “, Isik says.

The advantages
A reduction in vehicle downtime, lower maintenance costs for trucking companies and higher tire mileage: these are the advantages represented by ContiConnect 2.0, an excellent solution in terms of sustainable mobility. The digitally optimized tire management system is a great benefit for the operators in the sector, since it allows them to focus all attention on the core business.

The road to predictive maintenance continues

ContiConnect 2.0 is the new version of the proven digital tire monitoring system that Continental has developed. “With ContiConnect 2.0 we are building on existing functions, such as continuous tire pressure monitoring, to allow fleets to digitally monitor the remaining mileage, tread depth and condition of all tires in their fleet”, afferma Sven Wilhelmsen, Head of Product Management Digital Solutions presso Continental Tyres.

The user experience has also been significantly improved, thanks to the release of a new app that monitors
all the activities that take place on the vehicle and presents the relevant information to the fleet manager in an even more accurate form. All available tire and vehicle data are continuously analyzed in the cloud. Big data therefore makes it possible to make precise predictions about tire conditions.
“With ContiConnect 2.0, we are further expanding our offering of smart and digital solutions for managing
tires, and take another step towards predictive maintenance “, Wilhelmsen adds. The new ContiConnect 2.0 platform was successfully tested by a select group of customers at the end of 2021 and will be launched globally in the course of 2022.

“The modular design of ContiConnect 2.0, the flexibility of its components and its level of compatibility allow us to integrate additional solutions, according to customer requirements”, Spiega Sven Wilhelmsen. “We are also working on the implementation of external systems for monitoring the tread depth”.

“Our goal is to offer the best tire monitoring and management solution”, conclude Tansu Isik. “A solution that can be seamlessly integrated into our customers’ processes and systems.”