Control, RUMOR: Available for free on the Epic Games Store

Remedy suffers from roaring rumors: Control could be available for free today on the Epic Games Store, according to

We report a rumor juicy for the Remedy Games title, Control, which according to one site should be available for free on Epic Games Store in the next few hours. The site in question is German, where offers have often appeared in advance with surgical precision. We do not yet know if the game will come out with all the expansions received after launch in 2019, such as The Foundation and AWE, or if instead the version that we will see at no additional cost will be the Ultimate Edition. If so, we will be happy to roughly summarize the reasons for taking advantage of it.

Epic Games Store and Control, a winning (and free!)

According to the rumor, by evening you should be able to redeem Control from the Epic Games Store without paying a cent. The title is set in a unique world that is constantly changing, in which reality and the inexplicable blend together until they are one. In the third person adventure title, we will have to help Jesse thread to regain control (hence the name of the game) of the secret agency under attack from another world. The adventure will give you the reins of Jesse’s supernatural powers by mixing them with the use of firearms in gameplay.

Control, RUMOR: Available for free on the Epic Games Store

The open world adventure enjoys the Northlight graphics engine and reactive environments with which Remedy offers us deep and mysterious worlds. The game director Mikael Kasurinen called Control Remedy’s most ambitious game, convinced that the game would redefine the development team’s output. The experience aims to fit the player’s needs like a glove, without giving up the worlds for which Remedy is known. The pride of the developers has brought this bold vision not only to PC, but also to PlayStation, Xbox and, through the same cloud as Hitman, Nintendo Switch.

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