Cooler Master: here comes the new Mobius 120 OC

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Cooler Master presents the new Mobius 120 OC fan, featuring Overdrive technology that guarantees unprecedented performance

For 30 years, Cooler Master has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance computer components and peripherals. With the attention always paid to an audience passionate about hardware in search of the latest technological innovations. Today the company aims to create a community of individuals who want to stand out from the crowd and embrace their creativity; from this commitment are born a series of products that are aimed at those who have the skills, tools and passion to seek new customizations.

Cooler Master: here comes the new Mobius 120 OC

Details on Cooler Master’s new Mobius 120 OC

The Taiwanese company is therefore pleased to announce the official launch of Mobius 120 OC, a fan designed to satisfy Enthusiast PC-builders and of course gamers. Equipped with innovative features, the Mobius 120 OC not only ensures silent operation, but also offers complete control over its performance. Mobius 120 OC offers the same features that made this series of fans famous: a ring blade design with interconnected blades for greater structural rigidity and directed airflow.

Features of Cooler Master’s new Mobius 120 OC

To further minimize vibration, the fan features a patented angled mounting design with rubber feet for stability and quiet operation. Reaching an RPM speed of 3200 ±10%. Also, to increase fan life and further decrease the noise level, Cooler Master uses a double ball bearing design. This combination highlights the company’s attention to refining every detail to create a high quality final product. The range of features offered by the Mobius 120 OC doesn’t stop there: Cooler Master engineers have implemented a toggle switch that allows the user to adjust the fan speed according to their needs. Without having to rely on software or BIOS control. In the end, the core of the motor is made of metal to improve stability and increase the life of the fan. Additionally, the fan is backed by a lifetime warranty, testament to Cooler Master’s confidence in this product.

Cooler Master: here comes the new Mobius 120 OC

Availability and price

The Mobius 120 OC fan will be commercially available in our country starting from the end of March, at the recommended price of €34 including VAT.

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