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Cooler Master launches the new XG series power supplies

They are called XG Platinum and XG Platinum Plus, and are the new Cooler Master power supplies designed for Creator, Overclocker and more.

Cooler Master today announces a series of products aimed at capturing the attention of the most demanding, the Taiwanese company presented new XG Platinum and XG Platinum Plus power supplies. PSU designed to be completely modular, with cuts from 650, 750 and 850 wattscertificates 80 Plus Platinum, ensuring a typical efficiency of at least 92% under normal operating conditions.

Cooler Master launches the new XG series power supplies

As Cooler Master claims, this is their first PSU platform designed completely inside the house itselfto meet specification guidelines Intel ATX 12V, Version 2.53, designed for high performance while maintaining operating temperatures well below average. Before we see the full article, here are the words of Stu ShenHead of Power Supply Research & Development;

Our goal wasn’t to create 3000W power supplies that people don’t need; but instead we wanted to provide the best possible version of a power supply that people actually need. And such an ambitious goal required great resources and a lot of time

Cooler Master launches the new XG series power supplies

Cooler Master launches the new XG series power supplies

The XG Platinum platform was built around the idea of make the best power supply in its class and also the quietest. The main strength of the XG Platinum is therefore not a greater power overall, but its thermal management capacity, and the efficiency / performance ratio.

present the Fanless mode active until 50% of the load (Smart Thermal Control Mode with Hybrid Switch), to fully modular wiring with in-line capacitors (high-efficiency cables with Japanese in-line capacitors reduce ripple noise, they increase airflow and improve overall efficiency and thermal performance) and to the FDB fan gives 135 mm which can be turned off manually using a hybrid switch and whose fluid bearing creates very little friction, making it ideal for low-rpm operations and thus ensuring extremely quiet operation when needed.

Cooler Master launches the new XG series power supplies Cooler Master launches the new XG series power supplies Cooler Master launches the new XG series power supplies

Next to XG Platinum we find XG Plus Platinum, same power supply but with one more semi-digital platform, an ARGB fan and an integrated LED information display panel. These additional features are all compatible with the software MasterPlus+ by Cooler Master: Through this software, users can monitor and customize performance aspects such as fan speed, lighting and information displayed on the LED panel in real time.

Here is the list of all the denominations and the relative price;

  • XG Platinum 650 W – 189 €
  • XG Platinum 750 W – 199 €
  • XG Platinum 850 W – 206 €
  • XG Plus Platinum 650 W – 255 €
  • XG Plus Platinum 750 W – 265 €
  • XG Plus Platinum 850 W – 280 €

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