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Triangle Strategy preview: our impressions from the “Prologue Demo”!

Let’s find out together, in this final preview of Triangle Strategy, if and to what extent the new demo released on Nintendo eShop by Square Enix has definitively convinced us: the answer is yes, we will tell you right away

In March, Square Enix has two big aces up its sleeve to show off while waiting for Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 and the fugitive Final Fantasy XVI. In less than a month, day 18, for example, we will be able to get hold of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, the dark action-rpg that takes up the first chapter of the series, representing it in a dark fantasy key. A decidedly high-sounding title for the name it carries inside, “Final Fantasy”, the series that brought Square Enix to the honors of history and that raised it from a certain fall. As we often like to say, however, Square Enix isn’t just Final Fantasy. But not even for a dream.

The title that, who writes to you, most awaits from this March 2022 is not in fact Final Fantasy Origin, but an exclusive Nintendo Switch that has also changed its name over time. We told you, exactly one year ago, about the first demo of Project Triangle Strategy, the “project”, precisely, of a turn-based S-JRPG with an aesthetic and a graphic sector that, unwillingly, really remembered so much Octopath Traveler. Although, we remember, the development studio is not even the same, because if it was Acquire who put his hand to the title of 2018, to curate Triangle Strategy (which abandoned the “Project” some time ago) we find the guys from ArtDink. At the end of the day, Square Enix always remains anyway.

Triangle Strategy preview: our impressions from the "Prologue Demo"!


In the past few days, the company has released a new free trial version of Triangle Strategy on Nintendo eShop called “Prologue Demo”, from which we decided to release this final preview pending the release of the title on March 4th. A preview that incorporates the one written in February 2021 in almost its entirety, but which has more pushed us to learn more about the narrative and the intertwining of the title. In fact, if the first trial version allowed you to put your hand on chapters 6 and 7, central and not very generous in terms of details on previous events, the Prologue Demo makes us start the game from scratch.

In this case we have indeed been able to try the first three chapters of Triangle Strategy, with the disclaimer from Square Enix that, once we have purchased the full game, we will also have the possibility to import the saved data of the Demo. In this instance, therefore, we want to focus more on the narrative side, although we will always remain within the reasonable limits of spoilers. On the other hand, in fact, we are still talking about a prologue, however verbose and full of interesting ideas.

Triangle Strategy preview: our impressions from the "Prologue Demo"!

Salt and Iron | Anteprima Triangle Strategy

We are in the lands of Nortelia, a vast continent that contains three nations that have always been in conflict with each other: Glenbrookoverlooking a river, it had quickly become the economic and commercial center of the entire continent; Aesglast, empire of iron, known for the large amount of mines and raw materials extracted; in the end, Sabuloskingdom of life as a producer of salt, an inhospitable land whose capital rises however on the Saline Lake, an inexhaustible source of the chemical compound essential for life.

The continuous tensions between the three kingdoms then resulted, before the events of Triangle Strategy, in a real War known as the Salt and Iron War, from which no one came out victorious in any way. Negotiations by minor houses, such as that of the Wolfhorts, loyal vassals of the house of Glenbrook, have then led to the closure of hostilities through an agreement. As you can imagine, however, considering that they built a video game on it, this agreement will obviously be broken, even if we do not want to specify the causes.

Triangle Strategy preview: our impressions from the "Prologue Demo"!

Noble Man | Anteprima Triangle Strategy

We find ourselves in the control of Serenoa Wolfhort, heir of the homonymous family, who from point blank finds herself succeeding her father, sick and unable to continue to be the strong man and who led to the end of the War. Serenoa is a man with a noble soul, which we will be able to shape in his convictions through careful dialogue choices that will also affect the continuation of the narrative. We can make him more calculating and less human, or vice versa more prone to a submissive nature.

The importance of the choices given to the player is also emphasized in the demo, when we will be actually we decide which country to visit: Aesglast or Sabulos. As for us, we decided to venture into the kingdom of salt, because intrigued by the concept of total equality among the citizens, all very devoted to the divinity of the place, as if we were faced with a real utopia.

Triangle Strategy preview: our impressions from the "Prologue Demo"!

Gimme more! | Anteprima Triangle Strategy

At the end of the scarce four hours we spent in Triangle Strategy’s Prologue Demo and just sat down at our desk to write this preview, we found ourselves thinking we wanted more. And let’s say: during the demo we participated in exactly three clashes. Not a riot of gameplay, therefore, you will understand well. We wanted to know more: the narrative plot, the intrigues, the characters. It all struck us as extremely compelling, interesting and deliberately intricate. The possibilities given to Triangle Strategy by Square Enix from this point of view are really of an immeasurable value, and we really hope to be able to find in the hands, in full title, of a video game that completes exactly everything it started. If so…

From a gameplay point of view, as mentioned, in the Prologue Demo there are “only” three clashes in which Serenoa participates. All three obviously act as tutorials for the various mechanics fielded by Square Enix, which take full advantage of the typical canvases of the genre, emphasizing some choices. Each pawn placed under our command will basically belong to a specific job and will therefore have its own abilities. Among white wizards, black wizards and archers, there will also be pawns capable of attacking several times within the same turn or others that can enhance the attack and defense of the other pawns.

Triangle Strategy preview: our impressions from the "Prologue Demo"!

Hub and dub | Anteprima Triangle Strategy

It will also have a significant impact on the clashes the difference in height between the pieces: whoever is at the top does more damage, the general rule is this. If you place an archer on a roof, for example, it is very likely that with the progress of the story and the increase of the available skills he will become a real lethal sniper. The tokens will in fact accumulate experience points for each action performed in battle that has an effect, whether it is attacking an enemy piece or enhancing or healing an ally.

As in other exponents of the genre, moreover, attacks from behind or those combined with an opposing pawn surrounded by two allied pawns inflict much greater damage. Then there are environmental alterations of the maps that increase or decrease the effects of the elements (the rain decreases the lightning defense, and so on) and a whole series of small precautions that make the Triangle Strategy combat system yes, similar to the genre, but very varied and interesting to explore. And we are still talking about a title not yet fully released and of which we know very little from this point of view.

Triangle Strategy preview: our impressions from the "Prologue Demo"!

For example, by visiting the Camp (a sort of game hub from which to buy items at the general store, train and probably more later) we will also become aware of the possibility of step up the classes of our pieces. By spending medals and value points, in fact, the protagonists’ jobs can be leveled up to a maximum of three. Advancement has many benefits, of course, including an increase in base stats and unlocking various skills. We haven’t had the opportunity to explore the mechanics in depth, so we stop here, but we are really curious to know more once we have the complete game in our hands.

Promising | Triangle Strategy Preview

Technically speaking, Triangle Strategy looks very promising in every respect. The sprites of the characters, drawn by hand and very praising the style of Final Fantasy Tactics, as well as the 2D-HD polygonal models of the tokens are meticulously detailed, as well as every setting and every backdrop that we have been able to admire in these first three chapters. However, we reserve the right to talk more carefully with the full title in front, also considering that, apart from that of Sabulos, we have not had the opportunity to throw an eye on very varied settings.

In this “Prologue Demo”, moreover, we did not see the performance problems that were instead the protagonists of the last battle of the “Debut Demo”, plagued by large drops in frame rates. Although it is true that in this case there have not been very impactful battles from a technical point of view, we equally hope that ArtDink and Square Enix have been able to sort out these problems with some foresight.

Triangle Strategy preview: our impressions from the "Prologue Demo"!

Let’s wait!

We end this preview of Triangle Strategy with a great hope in our hearts. A hope that praises not only a solid and satisfying gameplay, rich and multifaceted, but also and above all a narrative that makes us passionate as it hasn’t happened for a really long time. Great expectations, therefore, for a title that had presented itself on the sly, but which has gradually managed to take one of the places of the most anticipated titles of this March 2022. And, perhaps, the whole year.

Triangle Strategy will be available, exclusively for Nintendo Switch, from next March 4th. Let us know what you think of the Square Enix title below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on gaming and tech themes! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!