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Corsair: Announce Extensive Series of Upgrades!

Corsair today announced the release of an extensive series of upgrades dedicated to many of its most renowned components. Here are which ones

Corsair has officially announced the commercialization of a large series of upgrades, made possible thanks to the new high-performance fans BY RGB ELITEto the new versions of the liquid coolers of the series iCUE ELITE CAPELLIX XT, ELITE LCD XT e RGB ELITE, in addition to nuovi case 4000D RGB AIRFLOW e 5000D RGB AIRFLOWannounces a major cosmetic refresh and performance boost in a coordinated large-scale rollout to support all enthusiasts as they build their new high-performance PC or upgrade their system for the year ahead.

Corsair: Announce Extensive Series of Upgrades!

Corsair: Announce Extensive Series of Upgrades!

Particular attention has been paid to the range of fans PWM BY RGB ELITE which rightfully takes first place as the most powerful RGB fan in the CORSAIR lineup and also combines the incredible airflow guaranteed by the AF ELITE series with eight individually adjustable bright LEDs.

Technology AirGuide by CORSAIR is able to concentrate the airflow in a cone and direct it towards the hottest components, while the fans reach incredible rotational speeds of up to 2,100 rpm for the 120 mm version and up to 1,700 rpm for the 140 mm version. In addition, the fluid dynamic bearings ensure low-noise operation and support Zero RPM mode at low loads to completely eliminate fan noise.

The AF RGB ELITE fan is available in multiple kits that include the iCUE Lighting Node CORE controller or in single packs.

Corsair: Announce Extensive Series of Upgrades!

As for the heatsinks, in particular the AIO series; iCUE ELITE CAPELLIX XT ed ELITE LCD XT integrate the new AF RGB ELITE fans and also the CORSAIR XTM70 pre-applied thermal compoundto offer extreme performance and improved cooling power, ideal for the operating standards required by processors 13th Generation Intel Core and AMD Ryzen 7000 Series.

The ELITE CAPELLIX XT series also boasts a new design, thanks to the 33 ultra-bright CAPELLIX LEDs positioned on the pump headwhile the ELITE LCD XT series is equipped with the stunning 2.1” IPS LCD screen that allows you to play everything from real-time system information to your favorite GIFs or images. Available in a wide range with radiators from 240mm to 420mm, all new coolers feature longer length tubes for ease of installation and are perfect for all modern systems.

Corsair: Announce Extensive Series of Upgrades!

The new cooling systems All-in-One H60x and H100x RGB ELITE instead guarantee excellent cooling performance and includedepending on the model, one or two SP120 RGB ELITE AirGuide fans. Ideal for novice assemblers, these coolers are also compatible with the latest AMD and Intel sockets and allow you to easily control the lighting via a 5V ARGB cable connectable to the motherboard. The result? Quick and easy installation and operation.

The dissipators H60x e H100x RGB ELITE they are also compatible with CORSAIR iCUE software when connected to a CORSAIR iCUE controller (sold separately), allowing all enthusiasts, even at a later date, to incorporate heatsink management within the suite software iCUE.

Corsair: Announce Extensive Series of Upgrades!

In the end, the 4000D RGB AIRFLOW and 5000D RGB AIRFLOW models are also updated with two versions designed to be the basis of each new RGB configuration. The recent success of the AIRFLOW series is linked to the high air flow guaranteed to the internal components, thanks to the use of a perforated steel front panel.

New for these two new models is the addition of three fans AF120 RGB ELITE and an iCUE Lighting Node PRO controller, so as to immediately offer the foundations for an RGB configuration. The provisions for two 120 mm fan attachments have also been added to the power supply cover, to possibly ensure an additional air flow dedicated to the video card. The 4000D RGB AIRFLOW and 5000D RGB AIRFLOW cases are available in Black or True White color optionsan absolute novelty, the latter which features a completely white frame with white finishes.

Market availability

I modelli AF120 RGB ELITE, AF140 RGB ELITE, iCUE ELITE CAPELLIX XT, iCUE ELITE LCD XT, H60x RGB ELITE e H100x RGB ELITE they are backed by a five-year warranty and are backed by the CORSAIR global customer care and technical support network. CORSAIR 4000D RGB AIRFLOW and 5000D RGB AIRFLOW cases are backed by a lifetime warranty two years.

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