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Libero and Virgilio’s emails have been restored, refreshments are also on the way

After overcoming the inefficiency and progressively reopening all mailboxes starting from 26 January, the process that led to the emails of Libero and Virgilio to be restore. Access to e-mails via the Libero Mail App is also fully available for iOS users.

Libero and Virgilio, restore emails after the inconvenience

The Libero and Virgilio e-mails have been restored, as well as all the ancillary functions. Also, with full return to normal, the companies have confirmed their intent to provide a refreshment to the user involved in the disservice. However, in different ways depending on the subscribed services. The types of refreshments will be communicated in the next few days through messages delivered to the e-mail boxes of all our users.

Apologies are renewed to all users. The team would like to reiterate that the priority has been, from the first day of the outage, that of protect the integrity of the data of millions of Italians who have been using the services for years.

The number to call for clarification

The toll-free number remains active for all those who need it 800 591 829. It has been enhanced these days due to the physiological increase in calls. The team continues to work to provide each user with the necessary support.

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Smishing alert for Libero and Virgilio users

Lo smishing it is a type of scam which, unlike phishing, is carried out via messages delivered directly to smartphones. Phishing, on the other hand, uses fake emails to steal personal data.

The campaign is conducted through sms addressed to users registered with Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail. Instead, the notice was issued by theNational Cybersecurity Agency, which identified the attempt by cybercriminals to steal victims’ data. This is what happened a few days ago to some Libero and Virgilio Mail users.

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