CORSAIR announces collaboration with Nanoleaf

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Gaming in a new light, CORSAIR announces collaboration with Nanoleaf to introduce Smarter Home integration into iCUE

CORSAIRa leading company in the production of high-level accessories for gamers, content creators and PC assemblers, today announced the new extraordinary collaboration with Nanoleaf. One of the pioneers in the smart lighting industry, to integrate a series of products Nanoleaf RGB Smarter Home, in the ecosystem iCUE.

From today, players can extend the sophisticated customizable RGB effects of iCUE, to the walls of their room, and to the surrounding environments through the innovative suite of smart lighting devices of Nanoleaf: tra cui Lines, Shapes, Canvas e Light Panelsto create an exclusive atmosphere.

Nanoleaf’s smart lighting, perfectly synchronized with the rest of the RGB configuration, makes iCUE’s lighting effects smarter and more spectacular than ever.

CORSAIR announces collaboration with Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf: the wall lighting par excellence

The acclaimed smart wall lighting devices of Nanoleaf, add beautiful lighting effects to your PC and surrounding environment. Installation is simple: just activate the plugin for the integration of Nanoleaf in iCUE, and start programming the related lighting devices directly from the computer. Furthermore, users can decide to control the lighting settings through the Nanoleaf app, or directly in iCUE, so as to control the lighting in a practical and intuitive way.

Users can then choose from various preset lighting scenarios, such as Rainbow Wave, Rain o Watercolor. Or create your own to add fully customized colors and effects to the gaming station. The integration with iCUE transposes some hardware performance monitoring effects to Nanoleaf products, for example by coloring the chamber red when the temperature of some components exceeds a certain threshold, and green when the temperature is normal.

CORSAIR announces collaboration with Nanoleaf

The words of Bertrand Chevalier and Gimmy Chu

Bertrand ChevalierExecutive Vice President and General Manager of the Gaming Department, said:

Nanoleaf is always present with its smart lighting in gaming stations. We are thrilled with this official collaboration. CORSAIR has long been a leader in RGB peripherals, so it was only natural to partner with Nanoleaf to deliver the best possible iCUE software experience for people who like to customize ambient lighting. We can’t wait to find out how our fans and players will leverage this new integration and what kind of experiences they will create.

Gimmy ChuCEO and co-founder of Nanoleaf, said:

Our community has shown tremendous interest in this integration, so we couldn’t be happier with the presentation of the new collaboration between Nanoleaf and CORSAIR. We are really curious to see how our users will customize the stations and change the way they play their favorite titles with all the colorful scenarios and dynamic lighting effects produced.

CORSAIR announces collaboration with Nanoleaf

Light up any place

Whether it is lighting a high-level gaming station, or a spectacular studio, you can create the right atmosphere with Nanoleaf products, through the iCUE software and, give life to the definitive RGB configuration.

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