Corsair Enchanted Quest Collection: here are the collectible keyboards

Matteo De Filippi

Corsair unveiled the new Enchanted Quest Collection series of collectible keyboards, inspired by the fantasy and RPG genres. Let’s see in more detail what it is

Corsaira US company leader in the production of high-level accessories for gamers and content creators, today presented the new extraordinary line of keyboards Corsair Collections named Enchanted Quest Collection. These are limited edition keyboards, available exclusively on Corsair’s website, featuring eye-catching colors inspired by fantasy and RPG genres 8 bit retro.

Everything you need to know about Corsair’s Enchanted Quest Collection

As you have surely noticed from the photo below, there are four models, each characterized by a theme, and consequently a color, different from the others. Choosing the one that mainly reflects our tastes is almost equivalent to choosing the character class that best suits our style of play. However, although they stand out in this respect, the basic model of the keyboard used by Corsair is the K65 RGB MINI.

Corsair Enchanted Quest Collection: here are the collectible keyboards

Another peculiarity of these keyboards is the custom ESC keycap. On the latter, in fact, there will be the icon corresponding to the theme of each Enchanted Quest. These peripherals will only be available for a limited time and they will be purchasable exclusively at the company’s official store. Although the official price is not yet available, we can tell you with certainty that these particular K65 RGB MINI will be covered by one two-year warranty and they will be supported by customer support and Corsair technical support available around the world.

However, although the company presented this model in the Italian layout last February, the Enchanted Quest Collection will be only available with North American layout. What do you think of these new collectible keyboards? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the hardware universe and beyond, keep following the pages of everything!

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