Google as Meta: messages turn into video clips

Google come Meta: i messaggi si trasformano in clip video thumbnail

Just a few days ago Meta announced its latest news, Make-A-Video, an Artificial Intelligence system that allows users to transform messages into videos. An intuition that immediately seems to be liked by Googlewhich recently announced the platform Image Video. The purpose? Exactly the same, that is to create video clips from short written texts.

Imagen Video: this is how Google transforms text messages into video clips

Google launches Imagen Video, an AI-based system capable of producing video content “with a profound degree of knowledge of the world”, including clip in 3D. The project of the technological giant is currently in the research phase, with the aim of developing algorithms that are able to transform a textual content into a multimedia one. In this context, Imagen Video comes after the project “Image“, An AI capable of creating images based on a text description. To these is then added Phenakia project in which Artificial Intelligence is able to develop long films starting from more complex and detailed descriptions.

Through the latter tool, therefore, users will be able to narrate and dynamically edit the scenes of the video clips created starting from a text. And to stand out from any hypothetical competitor, Google has created a sort of brand for its AI tools, allowing you to find in the code of a video the use of software such as Imagen Video or Phenaki. Despite this, Big G points out that there are still some ethical hurdles to address. And this explains why the giant has made the platforms available only for internal use. What he will do in the future, however, we will only know later.