CORSAIR iCUE ELITE LCD: here is the line of all-in-one heatsinks

The new line of CORSAIR iCUE ELITE LCD all-in-one coolers will allow you to keep our CPUs cool, but also to monitor them thanks to the convenient LCD screen

CORSAIR, a leading company in the sector of the most advanced components for gamers, content creators and PC enthusiasts, today presented the new highly customizable models that add to the renowned ELITE line of all-in-one CPU coolers: CORSAIR iCUE ELITE LCD. Thanks to the bright 2.1 ″ LCD display on the pump head, from which it is possible to view system information or play animated GIFs, the heatsinks of the ELITE LCD line represent a unique product, both as regards the performances offered and for the possibility to customize the appearance of your configuration according to your style. The ultra-bright LCD screen is also available as an upgrade kit for CORSAIR’s iCUE ELITE CAPELLIX coolers, allowing you to add a customizable digital screen to your cooling system for these models as well.

CORSAIR iCUE ELITE LCD: Powerful and beautiful all-in-one coolers

The new models H100i ELITE LCD, H150i ELITE LCD and H170i ELITE LCD are also equipped with new ML RGB ELITE Series fans, which provide optimized airflow through the use of magnetic levitation bearings and AirGuide technology. In addition, each fan is equipped with eight individually adjustable RGB LEDs. ML RGB ELITE fans are also available separately in 120 mm e 140 mm, both, with a black or white frame, to allow you to make the most of the high performance and cool the rest of your setup as well.

The new heatsinks of the CORSAIR iCUE ELITE LCD line will certainly not go unnoticed thanks to them beautiful 2.1 ″ ultra-bright IPS display, which will allow you to showcase your component parameters, such as fan speeds and system temperatures, in a wide choice of themes and graphic styles. If you’d rather customize your cooler further, the screen can also display animated images and GIFs, giving you endless possibilities. You can then, for example, display a team logo, your favorite meme or unique animations by literally placing them at the center of your configuration. THE 24 adjustable RGB LEDs Individually placed around the LCD display, they are programmable via CORSAIR iCUE software, allowing you to connect lighting to animations, synchronizing it with the rest of your iCUE ecosystem.

CORSAIR iCUE ELITE LCD: here is the line of all-in-one heatsinks

CORSAIR iCUE ELITE LCD: great cooling performance

In addition to an eye-catching display, the CORSAIR H100i, H150i and H170i ELITE LCD models provide everything you need to take full advantage of your CPU, enclosing it within a maintenance-free closed loop. The radiator, available in dimensions of 240 mm, 360 mm or even 420 mm, gives you maximum freedom in choosing the solution that best suits your case, so you can assemble from the most compact to the most ambitious configurations within a huge full-tower. Each heatsink is also equipped with the new ML RGB ELITE Series fans, featuring innovative CORSAIR AirGuide technology and magnetic levitation bearings, to provide you with optimized airflow and extremely quiet performance. The copper cooling plate, thermally optimized with pre-applied thermally conductive paste and the efficient, quiet pump will ensure extremely quiet operation while with the included iCUE COMMANDER CORE controller you can easily control fan speeds and lighting effects via CORSAIR iCUE software. The iCUE ELITE LCD coolers also have everything you need to allow you to assemble the most modern configurations, with full support for the latest CPUs thanks to the mounting brackets included for LGA 1700, LGA 115x, LGA 2066, AM4 and sTRX4 sockets.

CORSAIR iCUE ELITE LCD: here is the line of all-in-one heatsinks

The ML RGB ELITE fans, also available separately for sale, continue the renowned tradition of the ML Series line, also combining the CORSAIR AirGuide technology to the incredible RGB lighting effects, thus offering the perfect combination of cooling performance and extraordinary light effects. The magnetic levitation bearing reduces friction and noise, offering superior performance and high durability. Eight individually adjustable RGB LEDs allow you to create vibrant lighting effects, while AirGuide technology concentrates the airflow into a direct cone for superior cooling. Thanks to PWM control, you can precisely set the speed of the fans in a range from 450 rpm to 2,000 rpm (for the ML120 RGB ELITE model) or from 400 rpm to 1,600 rpm (for the ML140 RGB ELITE), providing optimized airflow whether the fans are mounted on a radiator or used in the intake or exhaust on the houses. ML RGB ELITE fans are available in multiple kits which include the controller iCUE Lighting Node CORE or they can be purchased individually, guaranteeing you the best option to upgrade your cooling system.

Whether you want to closely monitor the performance of your PC or you want to show off your personal style, the coolers of the iCUE ELITE LCD line equipped with the ML RGB ELITE Series fans offer your system a unique boost in both style and cooling performance, and literally put a customizable LCD screen at the center of your setup.

CORSAIR iCUE ELITE LCD: here is the line of all-in-one heatsinks

Availability, warranty and prices

I CORSAIR iCUE ELITE LCD Display Liquid CPU Cooler heatsinks and ML RGB ELITE Series fans are available immediately in the CORSAIR online store and from the CORSAIR network of authorized dealers and distributors around the world. CORSAIR iCUE ELITE CPU Cooler LCD Display Upgrade Kit will be available on the CORSAIR online store for North America and Europe.

CORSAIR ELITE LCD CPU Coolers come with a five-year warranty, while the ML RGB ELITE Series fans and ELITE LCD Upgrade Kits come with a two-year warranty. CORSAIR’s worldwide customer service and technical support network are available for all products. More details are available on the official website. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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