Our Jonsbo MOD3 and TW-2 review: We wanted a Tranformer and we have it

La nostra recensione di Jonsbo MOD3 e TW-2: volevamo un Tranformer e lo abbiamo thumbnail

We wanted a Transformer and, finally, we managed to get our hands on it: today, in ours review, we tell you about the case Jonsbo Mod3 and of TW2 240 COLOR, its accompanying sink. We are talking about a very particular product, with a decidedly captivating look, but certainly impactful. A mix of metal and tempered glass, weighing about 8 kg, able to show off all your components. Accompanying it we have the TW-2 240 Color heatsink, an AIO with rounded shapes and bright colors. Are you curious to know more? Follow us in our review.

Jonsbo MOD3 review: certainly not a common case

Let’s open ours reviewsone giving space to the Jonsbo MOD3 case. This is the third innovative homes high-end and with an open design that is sure to appeal to fans. We don’t have a common structure and that’s what attracts. The case is consisting of an aluminum and magnesium alloy structure, closed by two plates of tempered glass. The aluminum and magnesium alloys are made with plates having a thickness of 2.5 mm, made with an anodic sandblasting process. This process confers a decidedly solid structure and sturdy while maintaining a minimum thickness and low weight. The two lateral tempered glass panels, on the other hand, have a thickness of 4 mm and have been made with the same industrial process as car glass. On the front, there is also a small RGB LED strip.

How large is it?

Jonsbo MOD3 is suitable for EATX, ATX, MATX and ITX formats. The dimensions are 232mmx647mmx620mm. It is capable of accommodating a heatsink no higher than 170mm and a liquido 240 o 360 mm, it’s a graphics card no longer than 400 mm. The maximum allowed for power is an ATX PS2 format no longer than 195mm. As for the filing system, it will be possible to enter 2 SSD 2.5 and HD and 3.5 or, alternatively, 3 SSDs of 2.5. With great effort we managed to fit 2 3.5 HDs, a 2.5 SSD and an M.2 SSD.

As for the “Front panel”, we have two USB 3.0 ports, a microphone jack, one for headphones and the power button. There are no fans inside the package, although it is possible to insert up to 3 120 mm fans in the front and another 3 120 mm in the top.

Assembling the parts in it is quite simple. We just have to completely remove the side windows and all the alloy parts. To be able to move better within the structure, it is even possible to remove the cylindrical supports between the base structure and the other parts. Once everything has been removed, it will be possible to conveniently insert each component and then proceed with the global assembly.

Jonsbo TW-2 240 COLOR: a worthy companion

Together with MOD3, we also tried the heatsink Jonsbo TW-2 240 COLOR. This is an AIO cooling system that features two RGB fans. The CPU block, which has a rounded shape, is also transparent and completely RGB. The rest of the structure, on the other hand, is black. The tubes are covered in woven fabric and the whole structure feels very strong and flexible. As for the size, the radiator offers 274x120x27 mm, the fans are 120 mm for a thickness of 25 mm, while the pump is 91x80x61 mm. The fans connect thanks to 4PIN PWM and have a speed of about 700-1500 rpm. The pump block, on the other hand, travels at a speed of around 2500rpm and supports Intel LGA 1200 / 115x / 775/1366/2011 and AMD2 / 3 / AM4 / FM1 / FM2 / 754/939 processors.

Obviously, in addition to having observed it closely, we tried to put the heatsink first by doing some stress tests, to see its effectiveness. We assembled it using the thermal paste supplied in the package and then we jumped on AIDA 64, our trusted Benchmark. We left the computer idle for a while and then pushed it to 100%.

We tested the heatsink with a processor i7 8700K in stock and we got one average of 48-49 ° C, with peaks maximums around 52-53 ° C and minimums around 39 ° C.

Jonsbo MOD3 and TW-2 240 COLOR: a 100% yes

We have come to the end of the our review of the Jonsbo MOD3 and the TW-2 240 COLOR heatsink and we can’t tell each other more than that satisfied. The case is really crazy, beautiful to see without a doubt. Of course, you must like this somewhat futuristic style, but if you love the genre, you can’t help but like it. It is a very good model, which makes the his beautiful figure and it certainly has its why. All lit up is a feast for the eyes. We were also pleasantly surprised by the strength of the product, even if the structure is not too bulky. Too bad only for the lack of a Type-C input, now almost a must and for only the two USBs, instead of the four we are used to (but this is just right because we had to find a defect).

We were also pleasantly satisfied with his companion, the Jonsbo AIO cooler TW-2 240 COLOR. Le recorded temperatures are good and we had no problems whatsoever. Also from an aesthetic point of view it is a product that certainly strikes and embellishes the workstation. And we know that the eye also wants its part.