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CORSAIR K70 CORE: the new gaming keyboard with CORSAIR MLX Red switches

CORSAIR, a leading manufacturer of high-performance accessories and devices for gamers and content creators, today revealed an innovative keyboard that promises to provide an exceptional gaming experience for all enthusiasts: K70 CORE

Featuring new CORSAIR MLX Red linear mechanical switches, the K70 CORE keyboard offers an improved experience for both gaming and writing, all in a comfortable full-frame format. Whether you’re a casual gamer or an aspiring eSports professional, your path to success begins with K70 CORE.

CORSAIR K70 CORE: the new gaming keyboard with CORSAIR MLX Red switches

CORSAIR K70 CORE Gaming Keyboard: innovation for all enthusiasts

The K70 CORE keyboard introduces the use of new CORSAIR MLX Red linear switchescharacterized by a high reactivity which offers a smooth and satisfying typing experience, ideal for both writing and gaming.

These switches come with factory-applied lubrication, ensuring extremely smooth typing, and feature a high-density construction that reduces oscillation of moving parts.

With the addition of the existing CORSAIR OPX optical and MGX magnetic switches, i nuovi switch CORSAIR Red expand the range of original CORSAIR mechanical options, thus providing the most demanding gamers with a trio of extraordinary choices, each suited to different specific needs.

A double layer of high-quality sound-absorbing foam has been added around these switches, designed to reduce key clicking and clicking noise that could be distracting during gaming or typing sessions.

Thanks to this implementation, all enthusiasts can enjoy improved acoustics and a more pleasant typing sensation.

CORSAIR K70 CORE: the new gaming keyboard with CORSAIR MLX Red switches

Advanced customization for your playstyle

With the K70 CORE keyboard, customizing your playstyle is now easier than ever. The multi-function wheel on the keyboard goes beyond adjusting the volume: it’s designed to let you adjust RGB brightness, browse through various open web pages, and activate zoom features.

Next to the wheel, you’ll find a programmable button that lets you easily manage your media content. Furthermore, thanks to the software CORSAIR iCUEyou will have full control over the keyboard, being able to customize the RGB backlighting for each individual key, create custom macros, remap the keys and much more.

Beyond offer acoustics e a high-quality typing experiencethe K70 CORE keyboard presents a impeccable design and a construction of high quality. Gli switch CORSAIR Red they are set in a sturdy aluminum plate and are protected by resistant keys.

This reinforced structure provides the peace of mind you need to play without worries, knowing that your keyboard will always be able to support you to the fullest.

Thanks to exceptional performance offers to a unbeatable pricethe K70 CORE line allows the most ambitious enthusiasts to play, win and have fun like never before.

Regarding availability, the CORSAIR K70 CORE gaming keyboard is immediately available on the CORSAIR online store and at the global network of CORSAIR authorized resellers and distributors.

The CORSAIR K70 CORE gaming keyboard is backed by a two-year warranty and has CORSAIR customer and technical support available worldwide.

And you? What do you think of this new gaming keyboard with switches CORSAIR MLX Red ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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