Corsair MM700 RGB Extended: a large and colorful mouse pad

Corsair MM700 RGB Extended: un mouse pad grande e colorato thumbnail

During our Corsair Saber Pro Wireless Champion Series review, we got to test the mouse pad as well Corsair MM700 RGB Extended. It is an XL version product, with dimensions of 930mm x 400mm, with RGB LED lighting. The surface is made of soft fabric, with high-performance control and low-friction tracking. The base, on the other hand, has an anti-slip structure. Are you ready to discover some more details? Let’s go into the heart of the speech.

Corsair MM700 RGB Extended: big and elegant

The mat MM700 RGB Extended home Corsair it is thought big, to guarantee the maximum between space and comfort. Presents a surface from 930mm x 400mm, completely black, except for a small writing “Corsair” printed on the left edge, at the bottom. All around are present 360 RGB lights controlled by a small control HUB, located at the top on the right side. The mouse pad is certainly elegant and goes well with any station.

Even at the level of composition and materials, we can say we are definitely satisfied: you can see that the seams are made with quality. Everything is perfectly adhered and there don’t seem to be any obvious signs of sagging. The fabric that covers the mat is not completely shiny, but neither is it opaque. Being black it is less difficult to stain it, but certainly dust or food residues are easily visible. Not being able to wash it in the washing machine, you must use a microfibre cloth. After using it for some time, we noticed that it is not too complicated to clean.


iCUE always present

Despite being a “simple” mouse pad, the Corsair MM700 RGB Extended has some respectable characteristics. The care is maximum, even in the management of RGB lighting. We have, in fact, a three-zone lighting, without hot spots. In the settings, it will be possible to manage up to twelve different effects, all directly thanks to the button on the control HUB.

Another important feature concerns the doors present on the HUB: we have 2 USB port which can be used for any purpose, from charging the mouse to connecting the microphone. This is a very useful detail, especially if you struggle to have too many ports available on your computer. As for the power supply, always on the HUB, we find a USB-C input.

While everything can be handled directly via hardware, even the Corsair MM700 RGB Extended makes use of the software iCUE. It is a complete management software, from which you can modify all the effects and colors as you wish. Of course, you can sync all devices as you prefer.

As far as our gaming experience is concerned, we found ourselves very well. The mat has an excellent surface, very clean and responsive. It is not rough and the mouse glides smoothly and pleasantly. Thanks to its smooth finish, but rubberized base, we had no problems even during the most extreme sessions.