JBL Quantum Cup 2021: here’s when and how the tournament will take place

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A three-day tournament of action for spectators and players and even more opportunities to win big prizes – this and much more is the 2021 JBL Quantum Cup.

JBL Quantum Cup 2021: here are all the details

During the month of December, the gaming tournament JBL Quantum Cup returns more exciting than ever. From December 17th to 19th, the JBL Quantum Cup invites gaming enthusiasts from around the world to watch, play and win. JBL has renewed its partnership with ESL, the largest esports organization in the world, to support the JBL Quantum Cup tournament and offer fans even more opportunities to play against the pros. Last but not least, European players will see the highly anticipated return of Fortnite.

Fans will get to see the best names in esports – including the Fortnite 100 Thieves team – go head-to-head, as well as have the chance to play in the global Fortnite JBL Quantum Cup tournament. Spectators can watch all the action. live on JBL’s Twitch channel. Further information and the detailed match schedule can be found at JBLQuantumCup.com.

The best export teams will participate in the tournament

During the global event, JBL will be at the center of the esports world with the best teams of professionals, guests and players. Attendees will be able to compete with other JBL Ambassadors and professional players – such as Doigby, Keebabb, Pain and Royalistiq – and benefit from special promotions on JBL.com and rewards while streaming. There are also cash prizes up for grabs in this year’s JBL Quantum Cup, including $ 35,000 for each regional championship. Fortnite, for a global prize pool of $ 100,000.

“We are continually looking for new ways to unite fans with the best names in esports. Now, for the second year, JBL is taking the JBL Quantum Cup to the next level, giving amateur players even more opportunities to play alongside the pros, ”he said. Ralph Santana, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at HARMAN. “Fans wanted larger lobbies in the JBL Fortnite competition, and so we did.”

The 27 and 28 November, aspiring players from around the world had the chance to compete for a coveted spot within the global JBL Quantum Cup Fortnite tournament, with several regional qualifying rounds held across Europe, North America and Asia. To further elevate the level of competition, JBL has expanded lobbies to accommodate 200 duos, with the first 25 duos progressing to the JBL Quantum Cup Fortnite Championship on December 17.

In addition, the Italian duo for the export organization MCES Italia, sponsored by JBL, composed of Syon and Takys, will also come into play in the final phase of December 17.

JBL Quantum Cup 2021: Calendar

  • December 3: The Last Stop, Europa
  • December 17: Fortinte Europa, starts at 18:00 CET.
  • 17-19 December: Fortnite Asia Pacific e Fortnite Nord America; CS: GO Asia Pacific, Apex Legends North America Day 1 and 2.

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