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Corsair RMe 2023 review: A new standard for power supplies

In this review we will take a closer look at the Corsair RMe 2023 power supply with ATX 3.0 standard. Lots of new features and a structure that changes after so many years but does so in style

As we like to reiterate often, when creating one build for a new pc you can think of saving on many components: you can be satisfied with a less powerful video card or a less performing processor but you certainly cannot skimp on the power supply! It is the engine of our PC and if the components are not powered properly the problems could be really important.

Obviously the power supply is not the only piece of a safe build but let’s say that together with a good heatsink you put the build safely.

With the new standard above all, the power supply of the new video cards currently on the market is safe, but obviously look at himself also at future.

Unboxing and Aesthetics | Corsair RMe 2023 review

Unfortunately a clumsy courier decided to ruin the box a little, but this gives us the opportunity to thank Corsair to be able to have packed the inside of the package very well. Indeed, there are gods inside blocks Of polystyrene which protect the power supply from shocks and carriers.

As you can see, the packaging is yellow, the color chosen by Corsair for some time now. There is no shortage of information on the box and, in addition to the obvious info such as wattage and standard, some efficiency values ​​are also reported.

There’s not much left to say about the PSU’s aesthetics other than the grill covering the fan and the logo Corsair on one side which is always nice. The launch version is total black but if you know the brand you know that a white variant is generally launched after some time, obviously it is only our guess.

Corsair RMe 2023 review: A new standard for power supplies

Technical characteristics | Corsair RMe 2023 review

Here is a rundown of main features of this power supply.

  • Output power: 1000W
  • Form factor: ATX
  • Certification: 80 PLUS Gold / ATX 3.0
  • Efficiency : 90%
  • Fan: silent with bearings and load curve
  • Cables: Flat type

As you can see we are dealing with a power supply designed for next generation builds and designed to last over time.

Corsair RMe 2023 review: A new standard for power supplies

Usage and functionality | Corsair RMe 2023 review

The power supply has been tested on several testbench, in any case what we consider to be the reference one will be the following:

The load has always been held up very well by this power supply. We have obviously tested the power supply in gaming and with stress tests for all components and we have never encountered voltage peaks or problems of any kind. Even the temperature they have always remained in the norm.

A small footnote should be noted to mark the fact that this power supply offers a connector inside for VGA of the 4000 series. In fact, we did not use the cable supplied in the packaging of ours RTX 4080 but that of Corsair. In addition to not needing to connect the two power cables with the splitter the Corsair cable it guarantees a constant energy flow and resists the temperatures necessary for the correct flow of current.

In addition to ensuring greater safety, Corsair’s sheathed cable allows us to have a tidier build and with a single cable that starts from the power supply and ends at the VGA.

Who should buy this power supply?

Obviously the Corsair RMe 2023 it is devoted to a latest generation build but if you plan to change your power supply because it is outdated or for other reasons it could still be a valid investment for the future.

The ATX 3.0 certification it marks a new standard that will probably stay with us for many years and we are happy to see that Corsair got on the train of innovation as usual. Thanks to this power supply your build will be at the forefront of safety and can also have aesthetic benefits derived from the management of the new VGA cable.

The Corsair RMe comes in variants 750W/850W/1000W from today on the Corsair website.

And what do you think of this new one power supply signed Corsair? Let us know through the comments box and remember to stay tuned to the pages of so you don’t miss any news from the tech world.

Plus points

  • New Standard 3.0
  • 80 Plus Gold Certification
  • Aesthetics and materials
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