Harry Potter: the TV series is official, the deal has been signed!

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In the past few hours, official confirmation has arrived from HBO: the TV series on Harry Potter will take place and the agreement between the company and JKRowling has been signed, here are all the details available to us so far

A franchise that has been able to revolutionize and revolutionize itself over time, an iconic series that has been able to grow millions of readers, enthusiasts and, why not, even gamers. And he raised them by immersing them in a fantastic world, sometimes with dark colors, but that it allowed anyone who let themselves be approached to do something that intellectual properties are now unlikely to do to the fullest: dream. Come on, let’s face it: everyone has dreamed of a letter from Hogwarts, everyone has dreamed of diving into platform 9 and 3/4 and everyone wanted an owl to call Hedwig as a pet. Yes, you already read it from the title: they confirmed the Harry Potter TV series.

After a long series of rumors and official failures, finally today HBO has confirmed that it has inked a deal with JKRowling to bring the most famous little wizard of all time to… the small screen. Building on the success of the video game Hogwarts Legacy (here you can find our editorial review!), the franchise has returned to being talked about in recent months even if, in reality, it has never stopped doing it since that distant 2001, the year of theatrical release of the first film in the series. Currently, little is known, in terms of details, about the TV series, but in the next paragraph, just below the HBO announcement Tweet, we tell you about it.

Harry Potter TV series will happen, HBO and JKRowling deal signed!

JK Rowling will executive produce the series and oversee the entire project. She also said she was pleased with the agreement reached with HBO Max, stating that throughout all the seasons that make it up, the series will preserve the integrity of the novels. It will be produced by Warner Bros and Bronte Film and TV, who are currently looking for a showrunner to adapt the novels (one per season, as far as we know). However, filming should not start before the late summer of 2024 and perhaps (and we emphasize the perhaps) we will be able to see something of the series in 2025.

In short, still zero details, but now it’s official: the Harry Potter TV series will happen! Let us know what you think in the comments below stay tuned with us at TechGameWorld.com for all the news on cinema and TV series!

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