Corsair SABER RGB PRO Review: A competitive mouse

Corsair SABER RGB PRO Review: A competitive mouse

In this review we will see the Corsair SABER RGB PRO, a mouse designed for competitive gaming that focuses on lightness and responsiveness

Corsair launches a mouse on the market that promises one reactivity it’s a lightness able to make the players voted to happy gaming competitivo. Mouse proposed in two variants, with and without RGB, with two slightly different weights. Never before has competitive gaming been part of an increasingly solid reality and this the US company knows it well.

From today to the vast choice in terms of product portfolio proposed by Corsair is added another mouse. This time we are ahead of a device that focuses on responsiveness showing a somewhat retro design but that promises to help us maintain a win-win ratio FPS titles e in Moba titles higher and higher. Obviously everything depends on your skill, it goes as it is known without the right means not even the best can compete.

Are you ready to find out all about the new mouse of the house with full sails? If the answer is yes, let’s start with this review of the Corsair SABRE RGB PRO!

Corsair SABER RGB PRO Review: A competitive mouse

Let’s discover this gaming mouse thanks to its technical data sheet

  • Connection: USB 2.0 Type A
  • DPI: 100-18000
  • Polling frequency: 8000Hz
  • Mouse size: 129 x 70 x 43mm
  • Lighting: 2 RGB lighting points
  • Sensor: optical PixArt PMW3392
  • Software: iCUE
  • Number Buttons: 6 (including PPE)
  • Weight: 74g

Corsair SABER RGB PRO Review: A competitive mouse

Packaging and design | Corsair SABER RGB PRO review

The packaging of the mouse represents the classic Corsair Packaging where black and yellow are the masters.

On the front we find an aerial photo of the mouse with the classic symbol that attests the iCUE support. Next to the name given to the mouse we find the logo Champion Series which certifies that the device in question belongs to the competitive series of the company. The most interesting part is definitely the back one which really gives us a complete picture of the mouse. On the back of the package we find a very detailed description of the mouse and its features.

As for the design, as mentioned, the SABER RGB PRO has a style that may recall some mice of the past but everything is designed to offer a greater comfort and greater responsiveness.

There is very little to go around this mouse was not created to have a unique or eye-catching style but for give your best in the fans where the millisecond can make the difference between a kill made or suffered. Obviously with this we do not want to say that it is not a beautiful mouse but, as we like to reiterate, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but as already mentioned in this case the design choices concern in a practical sense in a more than marked way.

To give you an idea, know that by choosing the RGB version (the one in our possession for the review) you will have two illuminated areas. The first on the selection wheel and the second where the palm of the hand rests. For the latter, the classic Corsair logo was chosen. Another illuminated area, this time not RGB but only white, is placed on the left side of the mouse, area suitable for signaling the choice of PPE.

Corsair SABER RGB PRO Review: A competitive mouse

Let’s see how it behaves in gaming

We tested the mouse in question across various FPSs. Obviously, a series of games on Warzone the Battle Royal of the moment could not be missing.

Thanks to its lightness and thanks to the very high customization manageable with iCUE we can say that we are in front of a mouse that, despite the low price, for its kind, proves to be a more than valid ally in game.

The ability to manage PPE on all axes made customization really simple and effective. The basic profile is very good and helps in maintaining one stable but smooth aim at the same time. Obviously, each player will have to align the profile to their style of play and their weapons but for newbies the basic package will be satisfactory.

Speaking of custom profiles, it is important to know that thanks to the management software, offered free of charge by Corsair, it’s possible obviously remap keys. You can then register your profiles, create one for every need and assign a hotkey to the switch among them. This way you can switch from an assault rifle to a sniper rifle with the most suitable settings in the blink of an eye. All this increases the possibility of having a clear chance of making a kill and not being subjected to it.

Another feature of this mouse is the non-rigid cable. Unlike the latest mice we tested such as the Dark Core RGB PRO, the supplied cable consists of a anti-rubbing material and much less rigid. It might seem like a trivial detail, but trust me when I tell you that in some situations it has proved to be a very useful plus.

Corsair SABER RGB PRO Review: A competitive mouse

Axon is the new technology for Corsair

As you may have noticed in the data sheet we have inserted one polling frequency equal to 8000Hz and not 1000Hz as usually found in a gaming mouse. Everything turns into the possibility of lower the latency from one millisecond to 0.115 milliseconds.

All this in order to work, however, needs some precautions. One above all is to take advantage of a direct USB socket to the motherboard and not a “secondary” one. An example would be the one on the front panel or one of those sockets USB firmate realtek. Also you need to have a very recent processor (in our case a Ryzen 7 3700X).

Small tricks that will allow you to make the most of this technology and consequently the mouse at its maximum performance. Another trick is to activate the option through iCUE otherwise the whole cannot be exploited.

The goodness of that technology has been put to the test by Nvidia. The manufacturer is in fact used to test different competitive mice on the market, on what is the value related to the best average latency. The test, reachable at this address, is called Nvidia Reflex, and clearly shows how the new SABER PRO family manages to obtain a great result ranking among the top 20 on the market. An excellent value, but which could even be better, as the Chip equipped with Axon technology chosen by Corsair, is able to ensure a polling frequency equal to 8000Hz, where instead the Nvidia test is set to 1000Hz by default. Corsair has therefore raised the bar for new performance standards.

Corsair SABER RGB PRO Review: A competitive mouse

Who should buy this Corsair SABER RGB PRO

In conclusion we can say that we are facing a highly respectable competitive mouse. The innovations and technologies brought to this SABER RGB PRO are many and very interesting. The high-performance optical sensor, the new Axon technology, the most flexible cable and the ergonomic design make it performing and promising. Without forgetting the great customization, especially free, of the fortino software from Corsair.

The style obviously has to like, but as mentioned above in our opinion it has made a series of choices aimed at rewarding functionality of the Corsair SABER RGB PRO and not the aesthetics. Obviously we are not saying that we are facing an unsightly mouse, far from it. It remains obvious, however, that the choices point in another direction than mere aesthetics.

If you want a mouse with no frills and lots of substance at a competitive price (should cost around 60 euros) for the type of device the new Corsair SABER RGB PRO could be your ideal choice.

Points in favor

  • Axon is a very interesting technology …
  • Ergonomic design …
  • Weight reduced to a minimum

Points against

  • Even if you have to unload it through the right settings
  • But perhaps not very attractive
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