Creative: the new Sound Blaster GC7 DAC is coming

Creative: the new Sound Blaster GC7 DAC is coming

Creative Technology announces Sound Blaster GC7, the first gaming DAC and amplifier in the new series of products designed to improve the user experience of hardcore gamers, aspiring content creators and streamers

Sound Blaster GC7 is ergonomically designed to be easy to use: thanks to intuitive buttons that can be used with one hand, players can adjust everything without interruption, so as to concentrate on making all the moves well to clinch the victory. It is also equipped with 4 fully customizable buttons, which allow users to program shortcuts to their liking – performing certain actions during the live stream will be child’s play as it is enough to press a single button. This is a useful feature for both streamer that for i content creator, who will be able to use the in-game buttons without having to stop the game.

Users can customize buttons with sound profiles for games, movies and music. You can also change the color of theRGB lighting on the knobs.

Creative: the new Sound Blaster GC7 DAC is coming

Featuring award-winning Sound Blaster audio processing technologies andSuper X-Fi headphone holography, Sound Blaster GC7 doesn’t just bring players to the battlefield, it gives them an edge over their opponents.

When using the speakers, Crystalizer e Smart Volume enhance the sound through the suite Acoustic Engine, fine-tuned with 30 years of audio processing experience to deliver the high-end Sound Blaster sound. Furthermore, the Scout Mode offers something different, as it focuses on highlighting each opponent’s movement through enhanced audio cues. Whether it’s the enemies reloading the gun or the faintest of footsteps, Scout Mode will amplify sounds to give you an edge over your opponents.

When using headphones, Super X-Fi will immerse users with hyper-realistic audio holography that recreates the same soundstage as a multi-speaker system. Also, the new SXFI Battle Mode of Super X-Fi benefits users by providing realistic audio cues that not only highlight direction, but distance as well. It is therefore possible to pinpoint the exact positions of the enemies with greater precision and gain the competitive advantage necessary to clinch victory.

The Sound Blaster GC7 is an audiophile DAC that offers lower background noise, less distortion and more distinct individual sound effects. It’s possible riprodurre in streaming fino a 24-bit / 192 kHz and support up to a Virtual 7.1 surround on headphones and speakers along with decoding Dolby Digital for a cinematic audio experience for games, movies and music.

Creative: the new Sound Blaster GC7 DAC is coming

Better communications, bigger wins

Game chats are also simple and hassle-free with GameVoice Mix. You can freely adjust the game audio and chat volume thanks to the handy wheel, so you can talk to your teammates without interrupting the session.

Sound Blaster GC7 is intuitive and simple to set up, plus it is Compatible with different platforms: PC, MAC, PS4, PS5 e Nintendo Switch. Together with easy-to-access buttons, excellent audio performance and innovative features, the Sound Blaster GC7 has all the features of the ideal gaming companion for any enthusiast, aspiring content creator or streamer.

Sound Blaster GC7: price and availability

The Sound Blaster GC7 is available at the introductory price of € 149.99 on the official Creative website. We remind you to continue following the tuttooteK pages, to be always updated on the world of hardware, electronics and much more!

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