FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships 2021: departure scheduled for 21 April

FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships 2021: departure scheduled for 21 April

Development studio Polyphony Digital Inc. and FIA have announced the 2021 FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships starting Wednesday 21 April

The tournament FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships 2021 it will be entirely online, for obvious reasons, and will allow participants to compete in ultra realistic races as per “tradition”. The first edition took place in 2018 and, to participate, all you need is a copy of the game, a PS Plus subscription, the age of majority and come from one of the participating countries.

FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships 2021: here are the details

The event then recorded a constant growth in terms of both participants and views. The FIA ​​Certified Gran Turismo Championships 2021 will therefore be organized in the following way:

ONLINE STAGE 1 – (April 21 – June 26) the competitors will compete in 10 round della Manufacturer Series (Wednesday) and 10 round della Nations Cup (Saturday)

WORLD SERIES 1 & 2 – i will also compete 16 top competitors of the Nations Cup e i best 12 of the Manufacturer Series (initially selected from the 2020 World Finals) which will take part in two new ‘World Series’ events, which will be broadcast respectively on Sunday 6 June and Sunday 11 July

WORLD SERIES SHOWDOWN – The end of Online Stage 1 gives its top 16 Nations Cup competitors the chance to compete for a place in the World Series and in World Finals against the 16 elite players who participated in the first two events of the World Series. At the same time, the Manufacturer Series with 12 teams made up of three drivers each competing for their ‘Showdown’ with points at stake for the world finals. The Manufacturer Series World Series Showdown will air on Saturday 21 August and the Nations Cup on Sunday 22 August

ONLINE STAGE 2 – (July 7 – September 25) others 10 round for the Nations Cup and the Manufacturer Series offer competitors the chance to secure their place in the World Finals

WORLD SERIES 3 & 4 – a new group of elite players will participate in two other racing events which will be broadcast on October 3rd and November 14th

WORLD FINALS – the World Finals will be broadcast Friday 3, Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 December. Saturday’s Manufacturer Series Final will once again see 12 manufacturer teams made up of three drivers. Sunday’s final will be the Nations Cup World Final with 16 World Series winning competitors competing against the 16 new drivers who have won their place in Online Stage 2

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