Corsair SABER RGB PRO Wireless Review: Wireless is even better

In this review the Corsair SABER RGB PRO Wireless, a mouse designed for competitive gaming that is now enriched with a really interesting feature

In this article we will go straight to the point. We have learned about il Corsair SABRE RGB PRO in the wired variant review. Now about five months later we find it in a wireless version. This makes us really happy! Let’s find out why.

As we all know by now, PC video game stations, whether it is done competitively or not, have become real furnishing accessories. Sometimes the appearance is taken into account more than the substance, but this is another matter. We ourselves in the editorial office, talking to each other, have repeatedly come across fantasies about a totally wireless PC. How nice would it be to be able to create a PC that doesn’t even need a power cord? It is probably science fiction and where the current as well as the video stream necessarily require a cable for peripherals is all different.

As for the Corsair HS 80 wireless also for this new variant of the SABER we received the product well in advance and we can tell you how happy we are to eliminate another cable from our workstation.

Corsair SABER RGB PRO Wireless Review: Wireless is even better

Let’s discover this gaming mouse thanks to its technical data sheet

  • Connection: SLIPSTREAM Wireless / Bluetooth 4.2
  • DPI: 26.000
  • Size of mouse: 129 x 70 x 43mm
  • Lighting: 2 RGB lighting points
  • Sensor: CORSAIR MARKSMAN optical sensor
  • Software: iCUE
  • Number Buttons: 6 (including PPE)
  • Weight: 79g

Corsair SABER RGB PRO Wireless Review: Wireless is even better

Not only Wireless but much more | Corsair SABER RGB PRO Wireless Review

I will not bore with the writing of a long paragraph describing the body or the packaging of the mouse. This is all information that you can find in the review of its predecessor. The only obvious change to the package is to find a charging / data cable and a dongle for the wireless connection of the mouse.

The real changes actually reside under the plastic shell of this Saber RGB PRO Wireless. A new sensor allows us to increase the number of DPI in a profitable way, in fact, the maximum achievable goes from 18,000 to 26,000 DPI. Obviously, even in this mouse it is possible to take advantage of the SLIPSTREAM technology that we appreciated so much.

Even the weight undergoes a small variation but to think that for only 5 grams it is possible to give up a cable, the accounts are soon made.

In this mouse we also find an integrated and rechargeable battery that offers us an autonomy of 60 hours in bluetooth mode which increases to 90 if you switch to wireless mode.

In short, even using the mouse with the LEDs on, the battery will last more than enough to make you pull out the charging cable quite infrequently.

The feature linked to iCUE also remains, which offers us the possibility to manage PPE (in steps of 100). Furthermore, as for the wired version, there will be the possibility to take advantage of the presets, this time too, which can be decrypted thanks to the different lighting of the mouse.

Corsair SABER RGB PRO Wireless Review: Wireless is even better

How does it behave in gaming?

Just like its predecessor, we tested the mouse in various titles. Among the most profitable tests, the FPS game of the moment could not be missing, obviously we are talking about Warzone. Thanks to its optical sensor, the absence of the cable and the truly enviable weight, we were able to enjoy a mouse that had already impressed us in a positive way before but which now in this new variant has really made us fall in love with it.

The ability to manage PPE on all axes made customization really simple and effective. The basic profile is very good and helps to maintain a stable but fluid aim at the same time. Obviously each player will have to align the profile to their style of play and their weapons but for newbies the basic package will be satisfactory.

Speaking of custom profiles, it is important to know that thanks to the management software, offered free of charge by Corsair, it is obviously possible to remap the keys. You can then register your profiles, create one for every need and assign a hotkey to the switch between them. This way you can switch from an assault rifle to a sniper rifle with the most suitable settings in the blink of an eye. All this increases the possibility of having a clear chance of making a kill and not being subjected to it.

Corsair SABER RGB PRO Wireless Review: Wireless is even better

Who should buy this gaming mouse? | Corsair SABER RGB PRO Wireless Review

In conclusion, we are facing a very interesting upgrade. The new optical sensor that increases the number of DPI, among other things, combined with the new connection mode make this ultra-light mouse designed for gaming become a truly complete ally from every point of view.

The iCUE features combined with low latency technologies, the ability to use a single key to connect multiple devices will allow you to have a balanced and functional ecosystem like never before.

If you are looking for a wireless mouse with few aesthetic frills but with a lot to say in gaming with this Corsair SABER RGB PRO Wireless you will be on the safe side.

Wireless is even better

Points in favor

  • A new optical sensor
  • Top-notch wireless function
  • Weight reduced to a minimum

Points against

  • Like the previous one, the aesthetic remains perhaps too minimal
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