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CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB: Harness the full potential of performance

Take advantage of all the potential of DDR5 performance with CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 memories, let’s discover them together in this article

CORSAIRa leading company in the sector of the most advanced components for gamers, content creators and PC builderstoday announced the latest model in its award-winning memory portfolio DDR5, the memory VENGEANCE RGB DDR5. Optimized for the most demanding enthusiasts and for the latest generation workstations, the new modules are available in white or black, guarantee sensational DDR5 performance and offer the elegant and iconic CORSAIR RGB design.

Available initially with speeds up to 6.400 MT/s and capacity up to 32 GB (2 × 16 GB), with a maximum frequency of 6.600 MT/s and kit from 2×32 GB Available in the coming weeks, VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 Memory Kits will add unmistakable style to your setup, while delivering higher clock rates, higher capacities and improved DDR5 performance.

CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB: Harness the full potential of performance

Dynamic and individually adjustable RGB lighting in ten zones

The memory VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 boasts dynamic and individually adjustable ten-zone RGB lighting, enclosed in a panoramic bar that wraps around the top of each module. The result is a uniform light band that illuminates any system with vibrant customizable effects. Thanks to the powerful and versatile software CORSAIR iCUE, RGB lighting can be adjusted and changed to create stunning lighting effects that can be synchronized with all other iCUE-compatible accessories in your system. Plus, by collaborating with more and more titles, you can take advantage of a greater level of immersion thanks to the integration of real-time RGB lighting.


It also allows you to save profiles Intel XMP 3.0 custom, to monitor memory performance via an app or perform specific tasks to optimize efficiency, as well as adjust the built-in voltage control to take advantage of the performance of overclocking more precise and stable than the memories of previous generations, which were based exclusively on checking the profiles through the BIOS of the motherboard. With these software features, you can take your system performance to unmatched levels with 12th Generation Intel processors and motherboards Z690 selected.

CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB: Harness the full potential of performance

Consistent high frequency performance

As with all CORSAIR DDR5 memory, VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 modules feature painstakingly selected memory chips to ensure consistent high-frequency performance, as well as PCB high performance to ensure a stable and excellent quality signal. Finally, an elegant and durable aluminum heat sink allows you to cool the chips by dissipating the heat generated by the memory, and also gives a modern look to your system. There lifetime warranty limited offers you maximum peace of mind, ensuring the life of your new memory throughout the life cycle of your PC and your next systems.

If you are looking for cutting edge memory performance and effects Stunning RGBwith VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 memories you will be able to fully exploit all the potential of the most modern configurations.

CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB: Harness the full potential of performance

Availability, warranty and prices

The memory VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 and now available at the CORSAIR online store and the network of authorized resellers and distributors around the world. For up-to-date information on availability and pricing, please refer to the website or contact your local PR or sales representatives. The memory is covered by a limited warranty and is backed by global customer support as well as the CORSAIR technical support network.

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