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Multiversus is available as an open beta

We had already talked about Multiversus when we told you about the alpha. If you remember well we were thrilled. With the open beta of Multiversus things have even improved. The controls are well responsive, the last character (the iron giant) has also been made available and now many more scenarios can be used.

What was added in the open beta?

Already in the alpha you could see some quite definitive game mechanics and a very solid implementation. So, we weren’t expecting huge gameplay changes. Sure, the game has been cleaned up a bit and in controls made even smoother. However, we have seen the main differences on the contents.

First, tAll characters depicted in the trailer are available. From Buggs Bunny to Welma to the Iron Giant through Superman and Wonder Woman. If you decide to buy the Founder Pack, then you will be given some character tickets (an in-game currency) to instantly unlock them all. Otherwise don’t worry, because they are all unlockable even by playing. Unfortunately, we don’t have a very reliable estimate of how many hours it might take to have them all.

In addition, there are a number of new scenarios in which to fight; like the batcave. Each scenario has unique characteristics. We can find elements that can be destroyed, moving platforms and obstacles that can make the game unique by forcing us to adapt our style of play if not to choose a different character.

Another noticeable thing that has been updated is the interface. It is now much more complete, although a couple of elements are still missing. We imagine it will be filed down a bit more, because we noticed a couple of small inconsistencies in the use of the buttons with the gamepad; but you have to be very picky to notice

Is it really a beta?

Playing with it, you will see it, Multiversus doesn’t look much like beta. We never crashed and we had a ‘great experience even playing multiplayer. The only things that remind us that this is a beta are there lack of access to the internal store it’s a “experimental” yellow label on some characters and scenarios. This means that Player First Game has yet to set some parameters and they may change in the future. However, we assure you that the thing it has no impact on the final result.

The internal market

The system of microtransactions, which we had already mentioned in the previous article, has come out into the open. There formula is quite classic: there are two currencies; an I’oro) is earned by playing and the other (the Gleamium) is bought in euros. The good news is that all unlockables are accessible in gold. Il Gleamium can be used instead of gold to speed up the process or for buy purely cosmetic items. So, for what we have observed, we would like to say that there are no actual game elements closed to those who do not open their wallets.

Free everyone!

The Multiversus open beta is truly open. In the sense that this time, you don’t need to just trust our words and you can experience everything for yourself. Because you can download it and play it right away on PlayStation, XBox and even Steam!

Be careful though. As often happens with these free to play games with great potential, the sever were literally stormed. Until Warner Bros and Player First Game find the right balance, you may need to have some patience to play. In our experience, however, it shouldn’t take long.

We are waiting for you all on the pitch for a friendly fist fight.

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